Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shveta Salve

It is strange that you get to know some people through the media. I have talked to Shveta just once when Hema her Mom visited us in 1994. It was the time when I had just lost my Aai and Hema came over to our home to give her condolences along with Dwarkabai our lovable and funny English aunty .

English aunty's family owned the little building in Colaba Koliwada where my grandparents lived. We called her by that name because after Hema became airhostess with Air India aunty learnt English and spoke to everyone with a strong English accent. It was very amusing and we loved to polish our English with her. Hema was her strength and she was Hema's strenght. EA was very fond of my Dad.

Many people saw Hema cheering her daughter on the TV show "Jhalak dikhla jaa". Thats when we knew that Shveta is half Koli. I don't watch many serials so I din't know much about her. She is the daughter of an air hostess and purser so its great to see her in show business. I think she has her grandma's genes EA was a performer she really had a humour. Wish you luck Shveta most Kolis don't know yet about you being half Koli else they would swell with pride!


  1. Don;t know who Shveta is but intersting info:))

    I love your recipe though.

  2. Asha me too didn't know but her, she is a Indian TV actress. I am not too much into TV. However I am going to write once in a while about anything even remotely connected to Kolis and Koliland in the separate section Goshti. Which recipe did you like?


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