Sunday, February 16, 2020

Will Renovation Give Happiness?

The scene at home today.

Jagdish, our carpenter is here to help me refurbish some furniture. He was working in our home when Arvi fell unconcious on that fateful day and had helped me in that moment. I am grateful to him. So I thought I will give him more work now.

We, Arvi and I had planned to renovate the home. Arvi had health issues that started when he was in college right till the end so he had no interest in home improvement. His sister too later wasn't keeping well so this home was in a state of neglect. He would ask me, "Will Renovation Give Happiness?"

Those who know me and my Dad know that we love a spick and span home. So when I met Arvi I was already helping him clean up the home, I used to joke that I am doing it so he has a liveable space and not to consider it as my indication to marry. I was not sure about marriage but I was very sure I would not like to live in that state of the house. It was at the time Arvi promised me that We will renovate the house to make it our home. He visited my Dad's home and decided that we will have the same green colour to make me feel comfortable in our bedroom. The only project Arvi helmed was of painting the home before we got married.

If at that time Arvi hadn't been honest I would have not known things that mattered to be married. It mattered big time for me to have a clean home. However I was confident about making it a good home with that I jumped into marriage because I knew I had a gem in Arvi.

However we struggled so much on health front after marriage too that we did not have energy for a complete renovation. In spurts I got the flooring changed in some parts of the house. Actually at first I gave away a lot of furniture and clothes to make way for the new. I got a wardrobe built because though there were 10 cupboards there was no space for my belongings.

Slowly the helpers started admiring the cleanliness at home. Even the delivery boys started complimenting.

However I don't know what is in the future of this house, I am constrained and it's not for the lack of finances.

This house has seen family loss like none other. However I soldier on as the last survivor.

Time will tell my story.

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