Sunday, January 17, 2021

Preserve Preserve and Preserve.

We have such a wealth and we must value it. 

Everytime I watch a reaction on OSR for those who don't know, it is Our Stupid Reactions. It has been a two way process we learn so much about appreciation of art especially films and music from Rick and Korbin. However I love how it revives the interest of Indians in their own culture while the stupid babies teach them about our Indian heritage. The Benarasi saree video triggered yet again for me a need of immersion into our weaves.

I recollect going to Belur Chennakesava temple and chatting with the Pujari. He patiently told me the story of how Shantala Devi the queen of the Hoysala danced for her Vishnu here. He also told me, "Like you my son also works for an IT company. Visits us but does not live here." I had suggested to him that he must tell his son to make a video recording of him narrating the stories of the entire temple and the densely decorative sculptures adorning the temple. The pic here is of Indra on his Airavat, just one small sample of the rich sculpture in Belur.

Only if each family recorded their heritage like this. I feel a sense of loss when I think of our own Koli culture. We sold our fishing business when I was 13-14 yrs. It has taken me couple of decades to realize what a loss that is. The knowledge of the sea, the lunar phases, the weather is lost. My younger cousins don't even know what they have lost. My father and his bros lived their lives in the city and gave us a good life by working in good jobs. 

I think this value for heritage shows up in alternative generations. If you are like me do document what you can. Your generations to come will bless you.

I know my blogs both AnnaParaBrahma and Swachchanda are loved by many. I am hoping I continue to do it through my Youtube  channel TalkativeAnjali.

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