Sunday, May 31, 2020

Two Hands 2020

Finally after the huge hurdles due to #Lockdown the Two Hands event took place online. It was a good decision that the team led by the very passionate Preeti and Rajesh Deo took. 

Two hands is an annual charity event they host at their home in UK and it is in it's 5th year. The prep starts months in advance. 

This year early in Jan as Preeti started planning she disclosed to me the theme at the time she was knee deep into studying Nala paakdarpan. So she said this year she would base the theme on ancient texts and regional cuisine of Maharashtra. 

She assigned to me the task of making a 5 min video introducing the Koli cuisine. At the time I was recovering from a terrible month long cough that had an effect on my throat so excuse the groggy voice in the video. I tried to compensate it by dressing up. 

This little clip was my hands touching theirs to gather support and strength for the Impacct Foundation - Tata Memorial Hospital. 

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