Monday, February 26, 2024

A Superlative Chenna Poda

A lot had happened a day ago. Sai the saviour came to Puri with a new cab and driver. She was anyways going to join me for the last leg of my journey. Anyways she was constantly guiding me through the solos. Yet I was the happiest to have her with me on that day. I had eaten breakfast but Sai needed her fill so we stopped at this little village stall for a bite on the way to Chilika lake.

The Chenna poda looked really good she said and insisted that I try. My first taste of it was on Puri beach which was more dense. This was way better though slightly more sweeter as is in rural areas. In her element Sai was advising the seller to use ghee for long shelf life and improved taste since he had used oil for it. 

Chhenapoda was invented by Sudarsan Sahu post 1947 after he set up a hotel in the village of Dashapalla and began experimenting with left over cottage cheese. Chhenapoda Dibasa is celebrated as 11 April 2022, the birth anniversary of Sudarsan Sahoo.

That’s our own cheesecake there for you. Baked on wood fire and superlative taste imparted by wood as well as the Sal leaves layered in the baking patela. It is mildly sweet caramelised on the outside and a very sophisticated taste.

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