Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bhure Vatane ani Tendla

Today is Lakshmi Puja.

In the evening I will worship the Goddess that brings wealth. She has blessed me always. I am grateful to her.

I wonder if there is a deity that grants everlasting love. Is there such a thing as everlasting love? Love between partners, brothers and sisters, parents and child. It is the festive season and it has to be a happy one. So we go about making sweets, distributing it to the whole world. Hey but where are the people who I was born to, who I grew up with, for whom I have cared as a sister, as a mother and as a lover?

My home is empty, my hearth is not as busy as it used to be. My mother passed away 20yrs ago, my aunt Devaki who was a better friend than an aunt passed away 18yrs ago. I did whatever I could for her children even though it was not my responsibility. Then the birds flew away leaving my nest empty. 

In all this I did not have the time or may be I was not destined to meet a person who can tolerate me day in and day out and night and day. Sure it takes more than an ordinary person to be able to live with me. Till you don't live with me, you will not know what an amazing person I am! I am saying this in all humility :D The kind of person I am will either make you look at me in awe or scare you away. Jealousy can also be at the base of it. People who have stuck around me are the great people who can deal with these intense emotions and are people of substance in their own right!

Just incase the readers think that this is a rant, it is not. If you think I am sad, I am not. Yes I am in a reflective mood. I have a lot of love filled in me. After spending it on a lot of people who took their share and moved ahead, I still have a lot of love to give. I want to spread it through the activities I do, through the people who value my love.  I am determined to give it to the deserving. My AnnaParaBrahma team, the Patrons, my readers and friends. I want to improve the user experience of shopping for my patrons so keep watching.

While everyone is indulging in sweet meats and lip smacking savories, I am posting here a recipe of a classic combination of Bhure vatane and tendla. The white peas with ivy gourd is as rustic as it can get, a totally Koli style bhaaji with kada dhanya / dried pulses or beans and fresh vegetable made saucy with coconut masala. Scooped up in a small cone of rice roti can be so soul satisfying.


1 cup Bhure Vatane/ Dried white peas (soaked overnight)
1/2 kg tendli/ Ivy gourd
1 large onion chopped lengthwise
2 chopped tomatoes
2 tablespoon oil or more
salt to taste

For the masala
4-5 inch triangle of fresh coconut
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon Koli Masala (buy it here)
1 handful fresh cilantro
2 green chilies
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
4-5 cloves garlic

Clean the soaked Bhure vatane/  white peas. Cut up the tendli lengthwise or into small bits. 

In a pressure cooker add the Bhure Vatane, tendli and onions. Add the oil. Mix well to give it a nice coat. Add water, enough to cover the peas. Close the lid and pressure cook for 5-6 whistles. This will ensure the peas are well cooked.

Meanwhile grind the masala and save.

Once the peas are pressure cooked. Open the lid and add the ground masala to it. Add a glass of water to it. Add the chopped tomatoes. Mix well and bring it to a rolling boil. Salt the bhaaji as per taste.

Cover and leave the bhaaji aside and let the flavors meld.

Serve with rice roti and a cracked white onion from Alibag on the side. Enjoy the simplicity of the meal an antidote to the Diwali indulgence.

In the din of the Diwali crackers and the glitzy light I am trying to find my peace...

Happy Diwali To Each One Of You!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Warm Wishes On DhanaTrayodashi!

Dear Readers, Patrons and Friends of AnnaParaBrahma

Wishing you a very warm and prosperous DhanaTrayodashi!

Thanking all Patrons for doing business with us year on year and helping us climb the stairs of success slowly and steadily.

We have shipped all orders and completed all takeaways. My team has put in 15 days of hard work to deliver the Faral on time for you to enjoy the Diwali with family and friends. They have earned a much deserved holiday for a week before work starts again.

Along with your order of Diwali Faral we have sent you a taster pack of our masalas. Hope you enjoy the taste from AnnaParaBrahma.

Anjali & The AnnaParaBrahma Team

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Diwali Faral 2014, Place your order now!


Namaskar Patrons!

Hope you had a great Vijayadashmi. 

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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Where is the Limbachi Phod?

In my growing up years I remember my mother giving me the last minute order of cutting the lime just before the meal was served. Every single meal along with the salt sat the piece of lime at the 12 o'clock position in the taaT or at the pointed tip of a Banana leaf. See below, is a picture from the cookbook "Annapoorna" by Mangala Barve. It illustrates how to serve food on the banana leaf as per Marathi traditions. See the seat of lime, right at the top where it cannot be missed.

Recently I received a mail forward which is credited to Dr. Vikas Baba Amte. Let me try to translate contents of the mail into English.
अतिथंड केलेल्या लिंबाचे आश्चर्यकारक परिणाम...
स्वच्छ धुतलेले लिंबु फ्रिजच्या फ्रिजर मध्ये ठेवा.. ...
ते लिंबु पुर्णपणे थंड आणि बर्फासारखे कडल झाल्यावर, साधारणत: 8 ते 10 तासानी, एक किसनी घेउन ते सर्व लिंबु सालासकट किसुन घ्या.. नंतर तुम्ही जे काही खाल त्यावर ते किसलेले लिंबु टाकुन खा.. भाज्यांवर, सॅलड वर, आईसक्रीम, सुप, डाळी, कडधान्य, नुडल्स, स्पेगेटी, पास्ता, पिझ्झा, साॅस, भात, सुशी, मासे, मट्ण, या आणि अश्या अनेक पदार्थांवर टाकुन खाता येईन..      सर्व अन्नाला एक अनपेक्षीत अशी छान चव येईल..
सगळ्यात महत्वाचे, आपल्याला फक्त लिंबाच्या रसातील व्हिटॅमिन सी चे गुणधर्म फक्त माहिती आहेत.. त्यापेक्षा अधिक गुणधर्म माहिती नाहीत.. सालासह संपुर्ण गोठलेले लिंबु कोणताही भाग वाया न जाता वापरल्यास एक वेगळी चव तर मिळतेच, परंतु त्याचे अजुन काय फायदे आहेत?? लिंबाच्या सालीत लिंबाच्या रसापेक्षा 5 ते 10 पट जास्त व्हिटॅमिन सी असते.. आणि हाच भाग आपण वाया घालवतो.. लिंबाची साल आरोग्य वर्धक आहे कारण त्यामुळे शरिरातील सर्व विषद्रव्ये शरिराबाहेर काढुन टाकायला मदत होते.. लिंबाच्या सालीचा एक आश्चर्य कारक फायदा म्हणजे त्याच्यामध्ये असलेली एक चमत्कारीक अशी क्षमता की ज्यामुळे शरिरातील सर्व कॅन्सरच्या पेशींचा नाश होतो.. केमोथेरपी पेक्षा ही लिंबाची साल 10,000 पट जास्त प्रभावी आहे.. मग आपल्याला हे सर्व का माहिती नाही?? कारण आज जगात अश्या प्रयोगशाळा आहेत की ज्या त्याचे कृत्रिम पद्धतीने निर्मीती करण्यात गुंतल्या आहेत कारण त्यापासुन त्याना भरपुर नफा मिळतो.. तुम्ही आता तुमच्या गरजू मित्र / मैत्रिनीना सांगु शकता की कॅन्सर सारखा असाध्य आजार दुर ठेवण्यासाठी किंवा झाल्यास बरा करण्यासाठी लिंबाचा रस आणि साल किती फायदेशीर आहे.. त्याची चव पण खुप छान असते आणि केमोथेरपी प्रमाणे त्याचे भयानक साईड इफेक्ट पण नाही आहेत.. विचार करा, हा अतिशय साधा, सोपा, परंतु अत्यंत प्रभावी असा उपाय माहिती नसल्याने आज पर्यंत किती लोकाना आपले आयुष्य गमवावे लागले असेल आणि इथुन पुढे आपण किती लोकांचे प्राण वाचवू शकतो??? लिंबाच्या वनस्पतीत सर्व प्रकारचे कॅन्सर बरे करण्याची एक चमत्कारीक अशी क्षमता आहे.. याचा वापर बॅक्टेरीअल इन्फेक्षन आणि फंगस वर सुद्धा होउ शकतो.. शरिराअंतर्गत परोपजीवी आणि विषाणु वरही प्रभावी आहे..
लिंबाचा रस आणि विशेषत: साल रक्तदाब आणि मानसिक दबाव नियमीत करते.. मानसिक ताण आणि मज्जासंस्थेचे आजार नियंत्रीत करते.. या माहितीचा स्त्रोत अतिशय थक्क करणारा आहे : जगातल्या सगळ्यात मोठ्या औषध निर्मिती कंपनी पैकी एक असलेल्या कंपनीने हे प्रसिद्ध केले आहे.. ते म्हणतात की 1970 पासुन 20 पेक्षा जास्त प्रयोगशाळानमध्ये संशोधन केल्यानंतर असे निदर्शनात आले आहे की, लिंबाची साल 12 पेक्षा जास्त कॅन्सरच्या घातक पेशी नष्ट करतात.. लिंबाच्या झाडाचे औषधी गुणधर्म कॅन्सरवरील ॲड्रामायसीन या केमेथेरपीसाठी सामान्यपणे वापरल्या जाणा-या औषधापेक्षा 10,000 पट जास्त प्रभावी ठरले आहे.. लिंबाची साल कॅन्सरच्या पेशींची वाढ मंदावते.. आणि अधिक आश्चर्याची गोष्ट म्हणजे या लिंबाच्या औषधामुळेच फक्त कॅन्सरच्याच पेशींचा नाश होतो, त्याचा निरोगी पेशिंवर कोणताही विपरीत परिणाम होत नाही.. म्हणुन चांगल्या पिकलेल्या लिंबाना स्वच्छ धुवा, त्याना गोठवा आणि किसनीवर किसुन रोजच्या आहारात वापरा.. 
तुमचे संपुर्ण शरिर त्याबद्दल तुम्हाला धन्यवाद देईल.. 
डॉ. विकास बाबा आमटे..
The wondrous effects of Frozen Lime/ lemon.

Freeze whole lime/ lemon in the freezer till it is hard and frozen like ice, about 8-10 hrs. Grate the whole lime including the skin. Use this grated lime over everything that you eat. Salads, soups, vegetables, ice cream, pizza, noodles, dal, rice, spaghetti, sauce, sushi, mutton, fish etc. can be all enjoyed with a bit of grated frozen lime. The lime perks up the taste of the dish in an unusual way.

Most importantly, we know only the benefits of Vitamin C in lime but we are not aware about other benefits. The lime definitely enhance the taste of food with its citrusy flavors but what are the other benefits? 

Lime skin has 5 to 10 times more Vitamin C than in its juice and this is the exact part of lime we discard. The lime skin has a lot of health benefits as it helps to purge the toxins in our body. Lime skin is miraculous in the way it helps to destroy cancerous cells in the body. It is 10, 000 times more powerful than chemotherapy. Then why are we not educated about it?

The reason being, there are many labs across the world that are engaged in creating these benefits by artificial means from which they are earning huge profits. 

You can now tell your needy friends about the benefits of lime juice and skin to prevent and cure an insurmountable disease such as cancer. It tastes wonderful and does not even have the side effects of chemotherapy. Give it a thought, this is such a simple, easy yet effective treatment that we have not been aware about and so many people have lost their lives and now from here on how many lives can be saved?

The lime/ lemon plant is potent to cure all kinds of cancers, it can act on bacterial and fungal infections, it is also effective on parasites and viruses. 

Lime juice and especially the skin helps to regulate mental stress. It helps to alleviate stress and control nervous system problems. The source of this information is amazing. One of the worlds largest pharma company has published this. They mention that since 1970 there are more than 20 labs across the world that have established that lime skin can cure more than 12 types of fatal cancers. Lime/ lemon plants curative benefits are 10,000 times stronger than the commonly used Anthramycin a Chemotherapy drug. Plus the lime skin acts only on cancerous cells and does not harm healthy cells. Therefore wash a nicely ripe lime/ lemon and freeze it, grate it and use the grated whole lime in your diet.

Your whole body will thank you for it.

Dr. Vikas Baba Amte

Disclaimer : I have not verified the source of this mail but looking at the harmless natural treatment suggested I am sharing it here. Yet I have read up more on lime and its properties and atleast the contents of the mail are authentic in my opinion. It is so easy to adopt this as preventive care than curative. Ofcourse someone who is affected by cancer should go by one's own will and the doctors advice.

After reading this mail, I realized that for convenience sake we have moved back to eating single carb meals like only rice and veggies or only roti and veggies meals. There is rarely any paraphernalia around it. The taaT is full only on the weekends. The Limbachi phod has disappeared. Very rarely it is seen in the plate. I recollect how the little piece of  lime was so ubiquitous while growing up. The little 1/8 piece of a lime sat atop a kande pohe plate, a sunday non veg meal was incomplete without lime as much as an everyday varan bhat with limbu, toop, dahi, sakhar. A pav-bhaaji meal is never complete without a squeeze of lime and nor a splash of it can be missed on my chaat. 

I hated messing my hands while squeezing the lime juice as a kid and at times would beg my mother to do it for me. When it was my turn to mother my cousin brothers I squeezed the lime right into the pohe or any dish that demanded a dash of the citrus. Finally what's not visible on the plate was out of the mind most times. But now...

If I see it left in your taaT, at the end of the meal like my Aai you will hear me say, "pop that lime in your mouth."

Bring back the Limbachi phod, people. In a new avatar, add frozen then grated whole lime to every single meal. It's good for you!

On Trail