Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Kuladharma Pournima

Watched the Full Moon go down the horizon. Kalanirnay the Marathi Panchang mentions it is Kuladharma Pournima. I went up for my walk around 6.15 am today and saw this glowing orange ball on the horizon, how even the moon looks so huge at the horizon. It almost looked like Mars in color. In the East the sun rays were visible but I don't see the sun from the terrace until its risen higher in the sky. I rushed down to get my iPad so I could use Goskywatch Planetarium app to locate the other planets and take these pics. Feel happy to be doing things I never had time for before. Will try to steal as many such moments and live life to the fullest I promise my self...

Note: I do not know the significance of this Pournima, in the Hindu Calendar every pournima is uniquely identified with a name and is associated with a unique ritual unlike the generic identifier Full moon in English. The verbatim meaning of Kuladharma is a set of principles to be followed by a person as per birth into a certain caste or class as laid down in Hinduism.

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