Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekend Takeaways!

In today's life we work so hard, both the man and the woman of the house. As we approach Friday we start planning our indulgences of a good breakfast that one has missed during the week. We also think we deserve a little dessert that can spike up our mood. Then as it happens just the thought of it is too much and a weekend meal ends up as a brunch or a one pot meal. Who has the energy to churn up something that we drooled on all thru the week in the dreams. Especially for the vegetarians it is so difficult, unlike the non-vegetarians who can have a celebration with just one non-veg dish.

I love to cook and feed. So have decided to start "Weekend Takeaways"

How it will work is thru the week I will announce a breakfast item and a dessert. You can order just breakfast or just dessert or both. The items will be available only on order. All orders to be placed before Friday noon every week.

The order can be placed thru mail annaparabrahma at , sms or Call 9930094812.

Weekend Takeaways as the name suggests will have to be picked from Nerul and Dadar. The address will be shared with you after the order is placed.

Looking forward to cooking for you some superb vegetarian and non vegetarian treats! 

Since this in a new service we are launching I am letting you pick one breakfast item and a dessert from the blog that you would enjoy. Majority vote will be the pick for the launch on 1st Dec 2012.

Tell me what would you like, Kothimbir vadi, Veg Cutlets, Misal, Chow chow bhat, Kobi vadi, Muthia or Peanut butter Elvis Sandwich? There is more on Morning Glory

Dessert : Mascarpone with Fruit, muffins, Mawa cake? There are 113 choices on Sweet Tooth

You can also order any of the breads, a fresh loaf, pull apart buns, Fougasse, Bagels, Pretzels etc. Select your Bread

So hurry now! The first three orders will get a delicious dessert free!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Growing Cucurbits

They grew from the compost, I did not sow them so I don't know what they are, could be cucumbers and pumpkins I guess.

 Flowering started within a week.

 The first cucurbit! YaY! I thought it was ivy gourd, Dad says its a pumpkin.

 It is getting fatter. I still don't know what it is. May be a cooking cucumber.

Yes it is a cucumber, gifted it to my Uncle MJ, Aruna Kaki made sambar with it.

Diwali is over. Stop over eating right away. Get hold of some fresh veggies, have a nice crunchy salad. Detox for a week, join me.

 Posted on FB, 31st March 2013 : It smells beautiful, the freshness of the just harvested! Aha!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shubha Deepavali

Completed all the deliveries. Spread the light of Diwali and warm the heart. That's what we believe in. Thank you each one of you for the orders, support and love.

A special one to my readers you make me want to keep doing new things.

Shubha Deepavali to you and yours!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Diwali Faral 2012

Orders in and around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai will be accepted till 12th Nov.

Dhanteras is just 10 days away from today. Have you ordered the Faral yet? 

We take orders for homemade Diwali Faral. Our Faral will  have you smacking your lips!
If you need to send Faral to US or UK  or across the Indian states you need to order now for it to reach the destination just in time for Diwali.

Faral Item
Love Jodi Hamper
Sab Ke Liye Hamper
Rava ladu
5 nos.
10 nos.
Besan ladu
5 nos.
10 nos.
5 nos.
10 nos.
Bhajani Chakali
250 gms
500 gms
250 gms
500 gms
250 gms
500 gms
50 gm
50 gm
Rangoli sticker
1 no.
1 no.
2 nos.
2 nos.
Handmade soap
1 no.
1 no.
India Price

1475 Rs.

2475 Rs.
UK Price

50 £

60 £

US Price

80 $

95 $

Free Deliveries all over Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.

US and UK prices inclusive of deliveries.

Express Parcel Service is available for deliveries across India at actuals.
(Rs. 120 per hamper for a max. radius 1000 kms.)

How to order:

You can mail me at annaparabrahma at mention your choice of hamper, date and address for delivery.

I am on twitter and FB too.

Order Now!

paypal id :

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