Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Original Shravani Cake

My Mother's way


1 cup roasted semolina
1 cup curd
1/4 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar or more
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
2-3 cardamoms powdered

Mix all the ingredients together till sugar dissolves. Steam in a greased cooker pan, use ghee for the divine smell.

Steam in a cooker for 20 mins or till knife inserted comes out dry. Cut into squares. Serve cooled.

The other versions

Shravani Cake (Baked version)

Pineapple Shravani Cake

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dressing Up For Alms

I heard a beautiful voice in the distant and was drawn to the window. This streetwalker was dressed in a colorful costume, probably the character of Jambavanth or Hanuman. The green color confused me completely and he did not turn enough for me to see his face. Wondering if these are indigenous artist resorting to this changed approach to earning a living or is it just a clever beggar.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Pizzas II: Onion Tomato Cheddar

This version is with just Pizza base, Onion and tomato slices with Amul Cheddar cheese shredded over it and speckled with Oregano. Baked till the cheese bubbles into beautiful brown freckles @ 250 deg Celsius in a preheated oven. In 15 mins you get a wonderful one.

Cheddar is less fattier than Gouda.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Two Pizzas I: Baby Corn, Capsicum, Tomato, Gouda

I used Pizza base from "Daily Bread" I avoided butter altogether. Layered the veggies, Capsicum slices, Tomatoes sliced into 8 pieces and Baby corn sliced on top. Sprinkled some crushed garlic. Finally covered with slices of Gouda cheese from Amul. In a pre-heated oven baked this pizza @ 250 deg centigrade till the base showed browning on the side and the cheese was completely molten, about 20 mins. Removed it from the oven and sprinkled with some dried rosemary and thyme.

The taste of a home baked pizza is always superlative. The large pieces of tomatoes tasted luscious. The gouda sealed the veggies perfectly onto the base and gave that effect of stretchy cheese we love to have on the pizza. I served it with ketchup as I had not used any sauce to spice up the pizza. What I noted was Gouda releases a lot of fat at high temperature making the pizza rich even though we have skipped butter or oil completely.

This series is for my colleague Seema as she revel in the pleasure of baking with her new LG microwave oven.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Homecoming breakfast

Goda masala and Kanda lasun chutney that Dad bought from Gondavale and a homecoming breakfast for him of Idli Chutney and Sheera.

At times I want just 4 Idlis for a quick serving. I have not cleaned the Idli stand for a breakfast of idli chutney, sambar or both. That's when I have started using the vatis/ bowls. In any pan I put water bring it to a boil. Fill the vatis with idli hittu and steam with cover lid. LO! you have idlis out in a jiffy and a stuffed tummy. Plus each time  you have fresh steamed idlis. I am addicted to this tip. Sometimes I sprinkle some coconut oil over hot idlis in the bowl itself and powder them with chutney pudi. Then scoop up morsels with a spoon straight from the vati.

Come back again to see in what recipes I am using the Goda masala and Kanda lasun chutney I am teasing you with...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There are stories to be told...

Over lunch and while commuting together my colleague and friend, Sapna has shared many anitics and anecdotes about her kid bro. It is the typical tale of Indian parents against a creative child's aspirations a la "Tare Zameen Par". So Gowtham went through the grind completed studies took up a job with ICICI bank to make parents happy. Then finally chose to follow his heart. He went for a course in film making. He has been very happy he did it!

Today got a mail from Sapna to vote for her bro Gowtham Shravan Kumar for his films:

Dark Waters - short film category - cameraman
What saves u? - Ad film category - cameraman
Rickshaw Nomads - Documentary category- cameraman
Sabse Peeche Hum Khade - Music Video Category - director

Dark Waters is the adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore's "Subha" a soliloquies. Gowtham's camera caresses the girl's moves. Some of his shots at the river side are soothing and for a moment it creates an era of  the slow life for the viewer, which is the essence of a Tagore story.

What saves u? Is a spunky ad film, this is a family blog so I don't want to put the message up here. Go over to watch the film and don't miss the end :P

Rickshaw Nomads Is a documentary made for an imaginary TV news channel. Captures the change in pace of life and economy and conveys a crisp message in typical news channel style.

Sabse Peeche Hum Khade A music video shot on Silk Route's music track of the same title. Very commericial but sweet.

I voted for all four movies but my first favorite is Dark waters and second one is What saves us? specially for it's last line. I am not a film critic but have reviewed as per my own sensibilities. It would be great if you leave here comments for Gowtham so that he can learn more.

P. S: 
Hey Sapna I must meet your bro to get his autograph before he becomes famous :) ;) !!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rain makes us house bound

A view from my bedroom window @ 2.49pm today
Storm water gushing down my street, it has a steep gradient.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Launching Hridaya Vaahini

In the recent times I have had requests coming in to post about pets available for adoption. I have not been able to say no. Also seeing the good work Karthik is doing I thought of creating a separate space for such posts. What else can a blogger like me do?

Yes remember Karthik, I mentioned in the post on Narasimha, he takes care of abandoned, stray and lost pets till they get foster parents and a wonderful home.

Go check out Hridaya Vaahini...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jarokha: A window to veg food from across the globe

It was almost lunch time the conversations over the phone went like this, one said I have to go out, I said I will go with you, third said take me too. So happened this impromptu meet up. It had been couple of months we had not met and there was a lot of news to be exchanged and gossip to be caught up on. She suggested Jarokha if we were game for some good food. 

The address : 14th main, 17th cross, sector 7, HSR Layout, Bangalore. 
Landmark: above Snap fitness center.

A silver lettered board welcomes you on the 3rd floor. We walk into a really naturally bright restaurant with turquoise green tapestry and furnishings. Distinctly different for most restaurants have reds, browns and all those dirt disguising colors. One wall has modern art with back lights that make it look trendy.

We take a table and instantly are handed out the menu which is in the form of a magazine. Going through it I realize it's vegetarian, D confirms it, So both of us are happy. This can happen only in Blr. In Mumbai I would not expect a trendy place to be strictly veg.

We were so engrossed in our talks and since this was our first visit there we were not familiar with the menu. The waiter checked with us twice if we were ready to place the orders. I had to tell him, we needed more time and that they had so much and such a variety. 

The restaurant is a window true to its name Jarokha, to vegetarian food from across the globe. There was Italian, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Thai and Punjabi. The menu was proof that they were trying to be different. Only the most famous dishes from around the world featured on their menu not entire cuisines.

My friends coaxed me to place the orders, both of them wanted pasta while I wanted something different. Though we had met impromptu, we decided to go all out and have a multi-course  lunch. So we ordered for drinks, starters and mains while we decide if we had space for dessert we'd order later.

So fingers placed on Jarokha sherbet, a blend of musk melon, sugar syrup with a hint of lime, pepper and cinnamon is what we guessed. A unique drink but since I use very less sugar at home found it slightly sweet but its sherbet so normal for everyone else.

Starters were everyone's favorite Nachos with mustardy cheese sauce and salsa. They loved the salsa so we called for more. Nachos were nice and crisp the cheese sauce could have been creamier and served on the side instead of the drizzle. Since it was a bit runny it stayed in the platter. So the first serving was a bit drier and the second serving quite wet. They should double the quantity of salsa, their bowl in tiny; to match the quantity of Nachos. Of course we were happy they served us an extra bowl on demand.

Then came the dramatically delivered Vegetable Lasagna, Penne in Masala Mafia sauce
and my choice Thai Red curry with steamed rice, khimchi and fried papad :)

The Vegetable Lasagna was outstanding, baked to perfection with cauliflower and other vegetable mishmash layered into the pasta sheets and cheese. A scoop of arabiata sauce on the side and splash of Basil pesto on the top. With a dollop of sour cream. You could relish a different flavor with every piece on the fork. Delicious was a unanimous verdict.

The Thai red curry was a mix of mushrooms, baby corn, Chinese cucumber in a very rich coconut milk gravy. It was very creamy and sat plop on the rice when picked from the bowl. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The curry was double the amount of rice. I prefer it slightly thinner. It got a thumbs up from us though. It was served with Khimchi made of red kraut and fried punjabi papads. They know we are Indians so that bit of fusion is allowed.

The Masala Mafia it turned out was a Makhani sauce marrying arabiatta. Penne was a choice we had made. Though it was good it could not stand up to the Lasagna.

The portions of the main course are enough for a single person and slightly more for ladies but right for the guys. The pricing is slightly on the expensive side but worth it.

We three friends shared wonderful bonhomie over the awesome food. Sometimes working Moms need their space and that's what they did this time. I love my friends the new age women balancing home, work and friends. Cheers to you girls! ahem Ladies!

Take a closer look

Friday, August 13, 2010

No Prep Papdi chaat

When people are out guzzling beer 
We feast on Papdi Chaat and Foamy Mosambi Juice

There are many of my friends who love their hard drinks and most often on weekends they plan for a chill out at the bar or pub. My idea of a chilled out weekend is quite different, even while I was in Mumbai I would love to relax at home and do things I would not get to do on weekdays. Like reading the newspaper from end to end. Cooking elaborate meals. That is an obsession you would say and the proof is this blog. Do some embroidery. Read some book which I had bought and did not get time. My weekends were never of "nothing to do so went to the pub" or "planned a party with friends at the pub". In that sense I was brought up as a conservative. So while others guzzle beer we feast on freshly extracted frothy Mosambi juice  or such and our Chakna ( a typical Mumbai term used for salty snacks that accompany drinks) is some chat item. The picture shows Papdi chat was on the menu one such weekend.

I had some ragda leftover and had boiled potatoes in the afternoon while making lunch so putting this together was really quick and easy. What made it healthier is we did not have shev at home so I skipped it completely. I did not want to make any chutneys so used Maggi red chilli sauce. It turned out quite nice.


1 cup ragda
2 onions fine chopped on a mandolin
1/2 cilantro, fine chopped
20 kadak puris/ papdi
1 cup boiled and cubed potatoes
1/4 cup Maggi red chili sauce
Chaat masala as much as you like

Ragda is dried green peas, soaked overnight and pressure cooked to mush with salt, turmeric, cumin seeds and a dash of oil.

 All it takes is layering everything on to serving quarter plates. Put 10 puris on each plate. Spread the cubed bolied potatoes, scoop the ragda on top with a small spoon so it sits perfectly on the puris. Spoon the red chili sauce. Now garnish generously with fine chopped onions, dash of chaat masala as per your liking. If you don't adore chat masala sprinkle some salt instead. Lastly give a whole hearted sprinkle of cilantro to the plate. Hand it out like the best chat you ever made. Who said chats are not healthy and require lot of  preparation?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Papanus Antidote for Maiyya's Gujarati Thali

In Marathi we call it Papanus, it is seen growing in the Konkan area. Papanus is a large fruit anything between 10-15 cms diameter. It's appearance in the bazaar beckons the Ganpati festival for me. The Ganpati sthapana is incomplete without this fruit. Like all fruits and large sized ladoo and Modak this is a must have display in front of the Lord.

We await the cutting up of the Papanus and separating the segments. Sprinkles of fine sugar or salt or a dash of chili powder and it is ready to be relished.
The fresh flavors of mild citrusy flavor with a tinge of bitterness is characteristic of this fruit that the Englishman call Pomelo.

We found a fresh looking Papanus and got Dad to cut it immediately after we returned from the grocery shopping and eat out at Maiyya's, Jayanagar. I prepared it and kept it for chilling in the fridge for our evening meal. Yes we went raw that evening.

Maiyya's has started a Gujarati Thali. This place is neat. They serve the food in copper thali and katoris. (It reminded me of  the olden days when we would hear Kalai-wala shouting out and women rushing out to get them tin plated.)

The waiters speak Kannada, what should I expect. No special dress code. A welcome drink of Jaljira with South Indian boondi floating on it. I ignored the glitch. The rhythmic service of plonked bhaajis on your platter and rest of the many items.

There was small katori of soup, Cauliflower dry, Mutter Paneer, Channa Masala, Khati Meethi Dal, samosa, they called it Kachumbar it was zunka!, cookie sized Puranpoli, biscuit sized bhakari and brittle too, Thepla was authentic- I had 2, plain rice, veg pulav, dahi vada, boondi raita, green chutney was good, pickle with vinegar - not gujjju, 1 small kala jamun, 1 cham cham, curd, their usual fruit cubes with icecream and badam milk and concluded by paan.

Everything was very good quality was sweet tasting and made with ghee. Both me and Dad could not eat half of the food. It was a confused wanna be Gujju Thali meant for a Gujju born and brought up in South India. I found the flavours were something I could not identify with. Having grown in Gujju dominated Fort,  Mumbai for 8 formative years of my life, the Gujju food I know is different; adding jaggery and ghee and  using South India sambar powder for the curries does not make it Gujju.

Koi emne Maharaj moklavi dio. Someone send them a true blue Gujju Maharaj (cook) please.

Chaalo even if they lack authenticity, Maiyya's food quality is very good. Power to pure ghee, long live the Indian Paula Deen. We love their authentic South Indian Thali more. They should stick to it. 

Well well but who cares what I feel I guess because We went there at 1 pm, went straight to the 3rd floor for  the Gujarati Thali. When we came down around 2pm there were hoards of Bangaloreans lined up and  We almost felt like a celebrity trying to find our way out through the indisciplined Deshwasis, my bros and sis. 

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mouthfuls of Ma'moul

My memories of Ma'mouls are of MJK Kaka returning from one of his Middle East trips loaded with lots of unusual eatables and video tapes of all those Hindi movie songs. Though now I cringe at the thought of those videos and prefer to stuff my mouth with Ma'mouls instead. 

Ma' moul and those Lata's songs or Mohd. Rafi and Lata or Mukesh and Lata's songs are inseparable. It was those years when Doordarshan played good programs only on Sundays. Entire households finished their washing cleaning and would be all set for the weekend movies or Chayageet in the morning or on Thu evenings. At all other times it was those video tapes produced by Shemaroo. 

In the joint family we always had a visitor or too from our village. People who would come down to Mumbai for some work and for the night stay at our home. Entertaining them was a difficult job for us kids. We didn't share much in common with them except that we liked to hear stories of our parents growing up in Thal, the saviour for us were these Chayageet video tapes. We had learnt to play these and ensure that our guests were glued to the TV.

We had watched those videos so many times actively and passively that when we played antakshari there would be a reshuffle automatically and we sang all the songs in the order of the videos. I can almost see all my brothers and sisters gleaming at this. Aaj mausam bada, be_iman hai bada, be_iman haiaaj mausam...followed by Chaudavi ka chand ho~~ or Yahooo!!! Koi muze junglee kahe followed Deewana hua badal.  Those songs were from our parents generation but we giggled and watched the heroines running down meadows in those will-burst-now Punjabi suits. As Mom pointed out, "See Asha Parekh started that trend of wearing the dial of the watch on the inner side of the wrist." I still wear it like that because Mom said it was stylish.

It's been years now, we haven't played the video tapes. There is fungus on it and the VCR - the Video Cassette Recorder is dead but still in its cabinet in my Mumbai home. The DVD player now sits on top of it. The VCR made me realize I was technically inclined, I would repair it many times, cleaning the magnetic head with a special spray, opening the hood to clear out stuck tape or when the tape load gears refused to budge. I think Mothe Baba was my inspiration he was a natural mechanic. He could repair almost all home appliances and electronic goods.

Now that I have tried making Ma'mouls at home I plan to make them for my Unc. MJK who has stopped all travel now. I am pretty sure he will love them. I need to try the Khubuz too, that was another thing he always got for me. I think I inherit my Uncles love for vegetarian adventures when it comes to food. Plus when you have google you have nothing to worry. Tadah! and you make your own.

Ma'mouls are crumbly eclair cookies filled with dates and there are variations with nuts too. These are shaped in special wooden moulds but in case you don't have them use your Mudh (rice mold) like I did or small tart moulds.


1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup semolina
1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup butter
2 tablespoon milk
1/2 teaspoon yeast
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teapsoon rose water

2 cups dates ( I used Khadrawi dates)
1/4 honey
4-5 cardamoms

In a large bowl put the milk and add yeast to it. Leave it to bloom for 10 mins. Now add the sugar, all purpose flour, semolina, salt and butter. Rub gently. Add rose water. This will help you make a dough that is just brought together and crumbly. Let it proof for at least couple of hours. I kept it entire afternoon and baked in the evening.

While this was on. I deseeded the dates and poured honey over it. Plus added the cardamom seeds to it.

Once the proofing is done. The sugar would have dissolved and the yeast would have worked its magic. Just knead the dough one more time gently. Keep aside.

Now the dates would have gone nice and soft in the honey. You could kneaded them with hand. I tried grinding in the chutney grinder and it went plonk! The gooey stuff chokes the grinder but hand kneading works great.

Divide the dough and the date mix into 16 parts.Make a basket of the dough and stuff them with date mix like ilustrated here. Keep the size that of a lemon.

Line a baking tray with aluminum foil. I greased my bhaat mudh (mould) with butter and pressed the date stuffed dough balls into it. I got a faint design but that's ok when you don't have those pretty Ma'moul moulds.
Tap the mold on the edge of the kitchen platform with your hand below it, to catch the release cookie. Place them in a neat line on the baking tray.

Preheat oven to 180 deg Celsius. Bake the Ma'mouls for 20-25 mins or till golden.

Let them cool before you take a bite. The crumbly cardamom flavored date filled cookies are a treat.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Canine Conversations

I made a mistake of inquiring with someone whom I considered a friend if the couple loved pets. I was shocked, disgusted and dumbfound on hearing the thoughts. I was checking with this person if Narashima could get a place in their home. I got a NO. I said how about on your porch? NO. That NO was so harsh. I did not mean to go beyond in the conversation but this is what followed.
We have too many dogs in the compound. Owners don't take care of their dogs. They bark all night. Owners should muzzle them at night. Sometimes we want to call the Municipality to have the dogs put down! You know there is this law and I can do it.
I am wondering how many people in this world think this way. Further more the person went on to point out how I was wrong in getting Chimi spayed.

I am not a person who keeps quite when I hear or see something wrong but I was too shocked to react. Especially when its a person you consider a friend; saying these things.

I feebly attempted to say
If it were a dog ruled world and you had to be muzzled how would you feel?
I as a parent have taken the decision to spay Chimi because I want her to have a longer, healthier life. Besides other factors on convenience so that she can live with me as I live in an apartment.
After that conversation I was so shaken that I want to hold Chimi close to me all the time. I as a person have not been very selfish in life but yes living alone with just Dad for 5 long years sometimes dries out emotions. I wanted to share my life with someone and when Chimi came home my world changed quite a bit. 

I reflect on the last one year and a little more. I cannot think of Chimi not being a part of my family. I love her routine. Dad feeds her in the morning takes her for a walk. I spend time with her before I go to work. The whole day she gives Dad company. He is Dad to her too including discipling her. I return to a home filled with warm affection. Chimi dodges Dad to rush into my arms. Showers me with all her licks, pawing and wagging. We spend a good 30 mins together till she is finally calm. The rest of the day she is my tail. moving around the house wherever I go. I feed her and then we go out for a walk. If am working at my desk, she creeps into my lap. Once in a while pawing on the keyboard. At times when I shoo her away she comes back and does a uuM, uuM...as if she is tryin to tell me, "Enough now."

I love to watch her lazing, scratching, running after the insects that float into the home. To see her watching the pigeons outside the window keenly. Responding to a bark from the distant. I sometimes hold her near the window and we watch passerbys together. She does her duty of scaring strangers away with a gruff one.

At night once I'm in bed she comes to check if I have closed my eyes, leaning against the bed. Then she climbs on to the bed and makes herself comfortable near my feet. I know even with a slight touch when her body is warmer than normal. She knows when I am down and nuzzles me.

We go out on pleasure trips exclusively for her. She accompanies us everywhere we go. I have stopped taking flights instead we travel by car so that Chimi can go with us wherever we travel and our longest journeys have been 15-16 hrs. We don't complain. Chimi has motion sickness so she is very quite. I give her a pill to prevent puke.

There is a lot of cleaning we have to do as she is free to roam into any room. She is not allowed into the kitchen and she understands it. She sits outside the kitchen door while I cook. She is a quite dog, barks only when she senses danger. There are bouts of puking when she eats something when she is playing outside, she manages to do it even though we are hawk eyed, but we don't complain. Even my driver never complains when she messes the car and he has to clean it. We are human we do feel dirty but do the cleaning because we are committed.
She is completely untrained yet she has learnt the ways of the family and rules at home. We talk a lot to her like we would to a child. I love to whisper to her sweet nothings. At times explaining to her why Dad is angry with her. She imitates me throwing up her eyebrows just like me when she does "What?" as in what now.

She gets a sense of warmth when she holds my hand in the mouth. It is not a bite, never has she dug her teeth in, she is very aware that it is my hand and not a piece of bone.

When we visit my friend Sulekha she jumps on her at sight and when we depart she cries. Sometimes I call up Sulekha so that Chimi can hear her voice. All my family talks to her over long distance calls. If she is in the mood she woofs back else most times she is all perked ears and uuuM...uuuuM.

A sign of a kind soul is the way they behave with animals, servants and the helpless. I will always  continue looking for these qualities in people I want to befriend. Tell me you have seen many such people and they are in abundance. I need a reaffirmation after the above mentioned interaction.

To my friend, give yourself a chance and experience the joy of parenting a pet and am sure you will comeback to tell me that it has changed you for the better, even if the change is an iota. You deserve some unconditional love, you really do. Hope this melts your heart because I believe you may use harsh words but you have a heart that is capable of caring.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Spring Onion Pakoda and Brinjal Pakodas Etc.

Weekend treats: Spring Onion Pakodas, Brinjal Pakoda, Hot and sour Knorr soup and Fruit salad

That Sunday 3 idiots was being run on TV and I had planned to watch it. It meant that without spending much time in the kitchen churn out a tasty and fun meal. It's been gloomy in Blr for many weeks now with the sun peeping out only once in awhile. Thus giving rise to cravings and planned indulgences, with a bunch of spring onions on hand I caved in.

These spring onion pakodas turn out like savory cookies in texture. May be because the besan is not smooth here in Blr., it has slight texture.

I made green chutney to go with the pakodas and served ketchup too along with it.

Spring Onion Pakodas


1 bunch spring onions (8-9 small bulbs and sprigs)
3/4 to 1 cup besan/ chickpea flour
1/2 teaspoon coriander powder
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 teaspoon red chili powder
salt to taste

Oil to fry

Clean and cut spring onions into 12 inch lengths. wash thoroughly. Drain the washed spring onions on a mesh. Then in a bowl mix together all the ingredients with just a few drops of water. It should be airy dough like consistency.

Heat oil. Test it by dropping a bit of the dough in the hot oil. If it rises up slowly, the oil is ready for frying. Now pinch out small pieces from the dough and drop in the oil. Fry till golden and crisp.

Enjoy them hot.

I also made Brinjal Pakodas.


3-4 small brinjals
3/4 to 1 cup besan
1/2 cup water
1/2 teaspoon coriander powder
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 teaspoon red chili powder
salt to taste

Oil to fry

In a bowl make a batter of besan and the spices. Wash, clean and decap the brinjals. Slice on a mandolin. Dip the slices in the besan batter and deep fry in oil till crisp.

The two pakodas taste completely different and have unique texture. The spring onions pakodas are crisp and crumbly like a cookie as mentioned above while the brinjal pakodas are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside when hot.

To complete the meal as well as to balance it out I had made hot and sour soup from Knorr and mix fruit salad of banana, apples and pomegranate arils.

When you eat rich fried food balance out with equal proportions of raw food is my Mantra. I had a happy Dad that day! If ketchup kid is happy I am happy.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Narasimha needs a home

Here is the gorgeous guy for you.

Some time ago Chimi and me were at the Lakeside Vetenary Clinic. It was too early. There was an operation in progress on another pup. Just then a youngster came out from the inside and started playing with Chimi. He was so friendly that Chimi became instantly friends with him. We got talking and I got to know that he had got a dog with a fracture to be treated and nursed by the Doc. He mentioned to us that some people had put their dog out on the streets and now needed shelter. We exchanged nos. and was waiting for Karthik to send me his pictures. I felt really bad that it was already late for Narasihma.

Karthik tells us
"ppl r hittin him wid metal rods throwin stones only coz he looks aggressive...but he dusn even growl such a decent chap...rite now he is being taken care by a family who keep him in their passage dat they use for dryin clothes...they cant keep him for long..i really dun know where else to keep him...am tensed...."
"no he hasn found 1 yet ..actually am worried where dat family will give him away to arf or cupa..datll be d end...somehow am pushin them but am pretty sure i cant hold nemore.. "

If you think you have a place for him in your home drop me your email id or phone no. Not to worry about the  email ids, I will not publish the comments with personal details.

Doctor Yathiraj filled me in about Karthik, he gets street dogs for treatment and spends from his own pocket.  This was reconfirmation of the conversation I had with Karthik. He had pleaded,  "If Narasimha can get a home, I'll take care of his medical expenses." Way to go young lad!

Am sure there are a few good souls who can help Narasimha. Is it you? 

On Trail