Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chana Sprouts N Cabbage Salad

Not much of a recipe. Just putting together something I thought I will enjoy. Just had it for lunch and a glass of Amul's Masti Chaas for a downer.


1 Baby cabbage 
1 cup sprouted Green chickpeas/ Hara Chana/ any other beans
2 teaspoons Maggi chili sauce

Shred the baby cabbage. Boil the sprouts. Put it in a salad bowl. Put a dash of Maggi chili sauce about 2 teaspoons. Mix together with a salad fork. Enjoy the crunchy and protein packed salad!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Red Alert!

Just back from the hospital. A whole bunch of tests done on my health and they indicate risks. Risks that I need to attend to immediately. Hence this blog space will see a change. It will still be about food yet food that helps weight loss. I plan to maintain a log of this effort.

I have signed up for a tracking of  intake calories for 7 days. Post this will take an appointment with the nutritionist to plan for a weight loss diet.

Hope this inspires more people to have a healthy life and not wait like me till the RED ALERT.

Cheer me on.

On Trail