Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Arvi Loved Hapoos!

Wherever we went Arvi always ate mango icecream! 

Last of the Hapoos icecream made by my sweetheart. Just like he was an expert at Vasanu making he considered himself expert at icecream making. His icecream machine was not working so I helped him make it in the mixer. Like all bawas he was crazy about Hapoos. Infact even as a child he would gift his poor friends boxes of hapoos so that they to could enjoy the golden fruit. Last mango season we were holidaying in my native place Alibag when my brother suggested we buy mangoes from Salav forest area if we were visiting Kashid. We did exactly that. We bought 9 dozens!

The car groaned under the weight. The driver cribbed while loading and unloading. My husband appeasing him with a generous tip and a share of the haul. 

After enjoying most of the fruit in the ripest juiciest form we made milkshakes, lassis and mango sheera and even a Hapoos icecream making faceoff 🤗

I made my Hapoos+condensed milk+cream version; his the reduced milk version. His verdict was mine turned out better. His excuse he lost patience while reducing the milk. His version laced with elchi - jaiphal.

Today finished the last of the icecream made by him. Shared it with Dad and told him, 'Arvi chya haat chi'. Shevat chi.

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