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Sangeeta Khanna of Banaras Ka Khana :
"It was a completely new bouquet of aromas that hit my senses as soon as I opened a packet of Koli masala... Just take care to add the Koli masala at a stage when it needs a bit of frying or cooking at medium flame so the spice blend gets cooked well. It is a robustly flavoured spice blend and stays well in the curry, does not evaporate like aromatic gram masala. I found that most of the vegetables take on the flavours well, especially in the presence of tomatoes or tamarind."
She has approached Koli masala with a researcher's mind and presented several dishes which all look delicious! 

Saee of MyJhola says :
"I used the masala sparingly (partly because it was fiery and partly because I didn’t want it to get over too soon) in various ways–I tossed vegetables in it, made coconut-based curries with it, and added it to my breads. ...

Anjali now retails the this fabulous Koli Masala in a sincere bid to preserve the traditions of her community. I truly admire her determination and sense of respect for her roots."

Check out her gorgeous Crisp Koli Masala Prawns

Sayantani of A Homemaker's Diary says :

I tried to follow her recipe as much as possible but had to replace a few things. The outcome is simply stunning. It was quite spicy yet my always spice hating son kept on eating and chanting, “I have grown up and  mumma now I can eat spicy food “. Same with the husband, he loved it and inquired about the next time am planning to prepare this. My next try would be her mushroom dish with this same spice mix."
Droolworthy is the word for her Prawn curry

Krytie Saxena of Food Mantra says :

" ... Anjali Koli’s rare recipes for Koli cuisine ...."

Love her for the sweet words. See who else I share company with on her blog.

Mints of Vadani Kaval Gheta says :

"It was my first time using Koli Masala, bright red color and very very flavorful. I fell in love with the taste. I made Cauliflower-Batata Rassa bhaji, tikhat moog daal. Next on the list to try was - Vaalache Birade. But winter is not a great season for sprouting lentils. I make only lentil and moong sprouts during winter. Kadave Vaal is a rare commodity for us, so I sprout them only when there is 100% chance of success. Anjali has mentioned in the comments that the recipe can be used to make any lentils. So I decided to sprout cow peas or red chauli and adapt birade recipe. And as expected, results were awesome. I can't wait to try the original Vaalache Birade this summer. I made few changes to the recipe so I am sharing it here. Anjali and ET, here is to you girls!!!
...So vegetarian there you are! Try her Sprouted Cow peas with Koli Masala.


  1. I too had bought the Koli masala. Made prawn sukha with it. My husband just said "wah" while eating at dinner. That summed it up. I did not need more words of appreciation.

  2. Shubha appreciate you stregthening us!

  3. I'm so excited! Just ordered masalas! I cook non-stop and love exploring new flavours as well as combining them with old ones. Will revert as soon as I've tried your masalas!
    #TheGutlessFoodie shall revert ;)

  4. Good to see you commenting here. I appreciate your enthusiasm and looking forward to what you would be creating with it. See you soon again. Enjoy the masalas!


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