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Om Namoji Aadya ~~~

Shri Ganeshaya Namaha~~~~

I would read the food blogs on the net and enjoy them. So here I am blogging about food. I started cooking pretty early at may be 15 years. Initially it was just basic meals. It is strange many girls learn cooking from their mother but I got the passion for cooking from my father. Baba is a fab cook. We have enjoyed the meals passionately cooked by him on Sundays when he would take over the kitchen and give Aai a holiday. Ek junoon sa hai logo ko khila ne ka and to watch the smiles light up their face. This spark keeps me on my toes to look out for great recipes. I don't claim the recipes I will share here are all mine but the loving touch is mine for sure. Infact love is the mandatory ingredient in all my recipes with a pinch of salt ha ha ha :) !

Today to begin with I will start with a sweet as is the tradition in our Hindu custom.

Suggestions are welcome!

6th Mar 2011

I was looking through the posts and feel so good to see that though this is primarily a food blog it has evolved to so much more. Stories, hobbies and other interests interspersed with rants.

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