Koli Proverbs And Riddles

*Chidi mungi khay to taru salamat jaay
Feed the birds and ants to ensure the boat of Life reaches the shore safely.

*Garibache ghara java jevala aaNi Motyanche ghara java pavala
Go to a poor person's home for a meal and to a rich one's to say you have arrived.

*Bhagincha Masa Kivnyan Nasa
When too many people share a fish to be sold it will rot with maggots

*Motya Gharche Pokal Vashe
A big house with hollow beams

*Ek nai dhad ani bharabhar chindya
Not a single good one just a lot of waste. Similar to fingers in too many pies

*Don Dongranche Madin Bhikya Bombalte?
Who is that Bhikya who screams between 2 mountains?

Answer: Ofcourse Paad Angrezi mein usko Fart kenhte hai ;)!

*Gulan kalva nai te sakren kalva Karla kadu te kadu!
Mix it with jaggery or with sugar Bitter gourd will remain bitter!

*Undra Phodun Chauri Dakhva.chi garaj nai
No need to break open the modak to show the sweet coconut filling inside. Keep it subtle no need to be explicit.

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