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Sicilian Caponata With Rice Croquettes

Sicilian Caponata with Rice Croquettes and Tzatziki

Hi Friends! Its been a long time since I posted. Couple of friends dropped comments here to check on me. Appreciated. Well there is some news at my end but that is for later first things first for the love of food that I will have to stay away from henceforth. The same food that I was so obsessed about now is rarely going to be cooked in the same way in my home. I the foodie and food blogger have a voice ringing in my head, " Run...cholestrol ~ ~ ~" when I see the beautiful glasses of strawberry and cream or fried food on blogs and TV shows. I still watch food shows not easy to give that up yet but what's playing in my mind is how can I make the recipes heart healthy

Now before I begin to post heart healthy recipes let me get done with the 15 in my draft. Those who are younger and who exercise enough can still enjoy them. So here is a recipe I made from the memories of an experience at the cafeteria in the visitors center at Auroville. In Auroville live people from 40 countries and visitors from all over the world so the menu is always continental. The recipes are contributed by these visitors who work at the cafeteria during their stay and the food is mostly homestyle.

Sicilian Caponata Sauce, if  I had to tell family, is a Vangya chi bhaaji with Italian herbs it could be fresh or dried parsley or rosemary like I used. In addition to the dominant aubergines and tomato you can add a whole lot of veggies or for the non veg version any meat of your choice.

Traditionally the aubergines are used with the skins on but here I wanted to make a special lunch so I scooped out the flesh and made boats just to add glamor, it was a weekend meal after all. Plus I wanted my Dad to enjoy it because we had left him behind at home while my bro and me went off on Pondicherry-Auroville-Mahabalipuram trip, where we had enjoyed this memorable meal.

I made Rice Croquettes on this day because that is what we had at Auroville but you could serve is with an crusty bread or even use it as a pizza topping.


Sicilian Caponata Sauce

1 large aubergine (7X4 inches)
4 tomatoes
2 large onions
1 teaspoon dried Rosemary
2 teaspoon olive oil
salt and sugar to taste

Rice Croquettes 
3 cups cooked rice
1/2 cup finely diced carrots
1/2 cup finely diced Capsicum
1 teaspoon cumin
salt to taste
wheat flour for dredging

Oil for deep frying the croquettes

Lets begin with the sauce. Wash and pat dry the aubergine. Cut vertically into two halves. Now with a spoon scoop out the flesh, dice it and keep aside. Chop up the onions and tomatoes into large chunks and keep ready.

In a frying pan add the oil, saute the onions till transparent. Follow in with the aubergines and mix to coat well will oil. Cover and cook for 5 mins. Then add the tomatoes and put the lid back for another 5 mins. Remove the lid and season with dried rosemary, salt and sugar. Cover and cook for 5 more mins till everything melds well.

Rice Croquettes 

For the rice balls just mix together all  the ingredients and don't forget the salt. Roll them and dredge in whole wheat flour. Heat oil and deep fry in hot oil. When they are golden brown pull them out and let them drain on a absorbent paper.

Putting together and serving

In a greased baking tray arrange the aubergine boats. Brush them lightly with oil. Bake for 4 mins. Then scoop in the Sicilian Caponata Sauce into it. Bake for another 5 mins.

Remove each boat into a serving plate and place one rice croquettes on it. Serve with some fresh crunchy vegetables or like I did with Tzatziki

With that it's a bye bye to fried food. You will see it on this blog only if it is prepared for others or if there is a recipe in the draft yet to be posted. I have been Stented and can never go back to eating carelessly like I used to. I am still contemplating whether my writing a separate post on it is going to help other people. When I have made up my mind I will detail my experience of Myocardial Infraction and the treatment I received and what I am doing for rehab.


Nupur said...

Sorry to hear about your surgery- but I wish you a speedy and full recovery! And I know that you will come up with tasty heart-healthy recipes and continue to enjoy food.

Shri said...

Anjali that is a yummy looking dish. Perfect for the stormy, rainy day here! Good to see you back.

Anjali said...

Thanks for the comments ladies

Aarthi said...

Awesome recipe...a must to try


Sayantani said...

you know Anjali getting your heart surgery done is not a bad thing. my father had to go through it a couple of years ago and when everyone was feeling sorry I was actually grateful to God for giving us this chance of getting him treated. heart attacks are dangerous and some dont even get the hint that its not all well with their hearts. its a bad thing that you have to go through it at such a young age but still getting rid of any sort of problem with our body actually is very liberating. having said that i am also one of them who needs excercise on regular basis. but the lazy me and the legendary quality of Bengali sweets result in a rapid increase in the circumference around my stomach.

maha said...

sounds new and healthy too and looking delicious..

Anjali said...

Sayantani, thanks for your supportive words. Though getting treatment is a good thing prevention is better. I was following a healthy diet and walking for 2-3 kms every day in the last 6 months but I guess I should have started that much earlier. You must take care of yourself too, don't neglect. We women put everyone's needs above our own and then pay a heavy price.

evolvingtastes said...

Take care Anjali, and hope you feel better soon!

Saee Koranne-Khandekar said...

I have been wondering where you were, but thought it must have been a busy phase, work-wise. I am so sorry that you had to undergo such a major surgery, but I also know that you are a woman of grit and determination, and you will sail through this. Wish you all the best with your health-- I am sure you will emerge more healthy and positive.

Having said that, I would also like to suggest that you continue blogging--it needn't be about food (although we'd welcome posts on the new food you are eating) always--we would just as well be happy reading about anything else--just to know you're OK. I have found great strength and support in blogging, and I am sure you will discover it too. Big hug to you.

Sayantani said...

thats very true Anjali. Kolkata in many ways has proved to be more stressfull for me...mainly because its like am the only one in the house to take care of everything. Hubby is busy in office for more than 14 hours a day. whatever little time I get for myself I dont feel like moving a bit. but I go for a walk every evening with the baby. but seriously need to engage myself in some proper workout.
between made your mawa cake today and it's delicious. thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anjali,

Good to see you back...Take care of your health dear...Am sure you will be in the "pink of health" in no time and yes, looking forward to all the healthy recipes from you...But health comes first, so do take care:-)


Anonymous said...

Take care. Landed on your site few years back looking for rice bhakri and have been hooked to it ever since.

Anonymous said...

HI Anjali-

First time commenting here, but a LONG time reader! I am sorry to hear about your health problems, Anjali.

From a personal point of view, I would welcome your possible health post just to gain a better understanding of your ailment and the follow-ups you are currently undertaking to move towards a positive goal. I have been recently diagnosed with high 'bad' cholesterol and triglycerides, and wanted to get ANY info from your experience that would nudge me towards the right direction!

Here's to wishing you a safe and full recovery Anjali, and hope to see a lot of heart-healthy posts from you, take care!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anjali

I am a longtime reader but dont comment often. Please take care of your health and continue to blog as you have some very loyal readers. I have followed your blogs from early days and specially love the travel blog. Best wishes.



Anjali said...

Thanks Saee yes I will continue blogging and now that I am back in Mumbai you will see a lot more Koli stuff here, be it food or culture.

Anjali said...

Happy to hear you liked the Mawa cake recipe Sayantani. Yeah life is so hectic at times hope you get more time for yourself. I have moved back to Mumbai now and trying to get adjusted to the change.

Anjali said...

Thank you all for your concern and support, it means a lot to me and will keep posting just for all my readers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anjali,

I have been a long time reader. I was under the impression that you have been busy with life in general so havent been posting here. I hope you feel better soon and keep blogging about your health and life. I am sure there will be several dietary restrictions but knowing you all these years from your blog posts I am sure you will manage to add your flavourful touch, you are a 'sugran' in real sense. A big hug to you for your courage and strength. You are an insipiration to so many of us.

How is Chimi? I miss her a lot! We must have seen her 'angholila chaal' video countless number of times. :)

- Priti

Anonymous said...

I am also very glad to know that ur back in Mumbai. I always sensed how much you missed being near your family when you were in Bangalore, especially during special occasions or festivals. I am sure you will recover faster and feel positive with your family's love and support.

Take Care Dear! You are Precious!

- Priti

Anjali said...

Hi Priti

Yes I remember your comment on Chimi's video. She now lives on my friends farm, we had to give her away due to my ill health. Thank you for you love and kindness. It's a promise to my readers that I will keep narrating stories of my life and passions and I will post a video for you of Chimi.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am sorry to know that. But then that gives you a strong reason to get better soon so you can visit your Chimi. :)

I will look forward to seeing Chimi's video but do so when you find the time and will, you take care and the required rest. Hugs!

- Priti

Kavs said...

Hi Anjali - hope you are doing well now! Best wishes for your new health goals and I'm sure you'll find a way to enjoy food that's good for the heart as well. Looking forward to you lovely stories. :)

janaki16 said...

Thanks for the wonderful ideas on health and brinjal since normally I just fry the heck out of it - I don't care for the taste usually. I look forward to reading your other food ideas too! Hope your heart is now rested. Take care, Janaki

janaki16 said...

Thanks for the brinjal recipe! Hope your heart is much better now, take care! Janaki

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