Saturday, May 15, 2010

Corn and Paneer in a Gravy

This is a gravy that keeps really well in the fridge. At our home we eat only freshly cooked food. While in the joint family there was never a day when everything got used up. We always had leftovers but no one liked to have them for the next meal. Unless they were converted into unrecognizable stuff. Then here there is a trend in the south, many women tend to make a sambhar or a curry that can last them 3 days! I hate such lazy women. They justify that the curries get better as the flavors meld. No one thinks about the microflora that breeds in it. Especially when it is cooler in Blr, women tend to do this.

Last month Dad had gone to Mumbai. I had invited my friend Sulekha for a day with me. I made lots of things to treat her. She is a meagre eater. I had this large sized batch of this curry which was not much used. I packed a bowl for her. Still I had lots, for the next 3 days I would cook only rice and ate it fr dinner. It liked it a lot but still felt bored to eat it 3 times. It was creamy and tasty with hot steamed rice, I loved licking my fingers after mixing it with the hand.

So here is the recipe for a curry that you can stock up in the fridge, if you are the type.


1/2 cup corn kernels
1/2 cup paneer cubes
2 onions 
1/2 cup cilantro
1 green chili
1 teaspoon Shahi Paneer masala
2-3 pods garlic sliced
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 tablespoon Oil

Heat oil in the kadhai. Fry the onions till pink. Put off the heat. Let it cool and then make a paste in the chutney jar along with the cilantro and green chili.

Now heat 1 teaspoon oil.Splutter mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Fry the garlic. Add the Paneer and corn. Coat with oil. Pour the onion paste in. Mix well. Add water and simmer for 20 mins or till paneer and corn is cooked. Add the masala and simmer cover for extra 5 mins. Let it cool and the flavors seep into the paneer.

Mixing this gravy with rice is as enjoyable as scooping it up with a piece of roti.


  1. I love your blog but I wish you didn't say things like 'hate these lazy women'.

  2. If women have hundred things to do I'd say ok take a short cut. In the south all they have to do is boil rice and a make a curry. Even that they cannot make fresh everyday? Then what should be said? Should they not be guilty. I really admire the women in Mumbai, they try to do many things themselves plus nuture hobbies even if they are working women. I don't see that much here. Here most women send off their husband's without breakfast or lunch to work. Fortunately the food in bangalore darshinis and cafetarias is pretty good. A housewives's day in blr begin's only at 9 am. For your sake I'll blame the weather. But that is my opinion.

  3. Hi Anjali!

    I absolutely love ur blog and Chimi too. My husband is particularly fond of ur Chimi as he had 'Raani' while growing up who he says was a clone of ur Chimi!:) 'Agdi Raani!' says my husband several times while he admires ur Chimi. We have seen the video where u ask Chimi to come for a bath atleast 25-30 times and we love her so much! LOL! Please upload some more videos of her for us. Thanks! :)

    I also like to prepare and serve fresh meals so I can understand ur statement. However I will disagree with u on a few things :) Sambhar does taste better the next day (that doesnt stop us from having it the same day though) and its not nice to label South Indian Homemakers for being lazy. There r women all over the world who cook food in bulk (sometimes cook only on weekends) and freeze it to serve later. If food is frozen or refrigerated immediately after it reaches room temperature after being cooked, I see no problem in it getting spoilt. Correct me if Im wrong.

    Cooking is an art. I am sure u know that a lot of love, care, interest and thought goes into it otherthan just the ingredients. Some people dont enjoy cooking and see it just as a daily chore they have to get over with. Its a matter of interest and love for it rather than being lazy. Thats how I see it. :) Let them be!

  4. Hi Anjali!

    I forgot to ask this in my previous comment. Did u use MDH Shahi Paneer masala?


  5. Peace! Priti thanks for your comment and sweet words for Chimi. I have a video of Chimi going the dig. Will share just for you. I used Catch brand masala.

  6. OMG yummmy yummy!!!!

  7. This looks really yummy!Two of my favourite foods in one curry!!

  8. Haha, got scolded for strong statements Anjali :)) But its your blog and thats what makes it so honest when you say things you feel..It looks yummy, will try it out soon...

  9. Sonia you are my only buddy, thanks for telling that to the people ;). Hope your progress is good.

  10. Nice combination never thought of this idea....looks yummy

  11. Hi

    Iam a regular reader of your blog, though i haven't commented. I wish you don't generalize things by seeing few people.

  12. Are you telling me I have to be controversial at times to get silent readers like you to delurk?! ;)

  13. This recipe looks delicious. How much water, though? Unless I missed it there's no amount given.

  14. Stacey, use as much water as the consistency you require. about 1/2 litre added in the begining is good for the thick gravy you see in the bowl. This is for the proportions I have given.


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