Friday, June 22, 2012

A Different Take

What do you think this is? Rosogullas floating in? If you are a bong you haven't seen anything like it or may be you have. Tell me that you have, after reading about my twist to Instant Rasmalai.

My friend Gauri brought me some Nolen Gur, the one made in small round cups. The first thing I did with it was to pop it in the mouth like a chocolate. The next was this Rasmalai, I dissolved a generous amount of Nolen gur in milk and added the canned Rosogullas to it. I squeezed out the sugar syrup from the canned Rosogulla straight into the Nolen gur infused milk and then dunked them in to regain shape and the sweetness of the flavorful Nolen gur. When I use Nolen gur I don't use any aromatic spices, they are not required, I just let the sublime sweetness rule. Oh! but serve them chilled, won't you?

If you don't have canned Rosogullas, no problem just chill the Nolen gur milk and enjoy it served in a tall glass just like a Frappe`.

Most times with my family I try to adjust, if I am unsuccessful at it then I just step aside. With appliances that you are unhappy with, you have an advantage unlike family. You would not like to dump an appliance when you have spent some moolah on it. I was unhappy since day 1 till this brainwave last week, full 3 years or almost, after I bought it. 

I was planning to buy a sandwich maker. I am back in Mumbai and back to eating bread, the only change is now I eat brown. So sandwiches get made a lot for breakfast, dinner or anytime quick bite. That's when it struck that I can salvage the roti maker and convert it into a sandwich toaster. Yeah but the lovers of 'Kadak' still complain. I am ok with a golden on the outside, hot toasted sandwich, it is still a crunchy bite. Pictures are a proof.


  1. Is it in some jaggery sweetened coconut milk?

    1. Its the regular milk Radha with the special date palm jaggery from Bengal.


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