Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hazelnut Cold Coffee

The last week just zoomed past, for me the fun begins on Wednesdays itself, when I attend my Marathi Sugam Sangeet Class. This week we learnt Nij re nij re bala it is such a beautiful Angaee geet or lullaby that I sang it to bed and was up at 3.30 am with the song still playing in my head. I lay in bed looping it until 6 am. Woke up and did all my Thu morning chores to it.

Thursday evening is my most favorite, it is my Bharatiya Shastriya Sangeet class with kids aged 7, 9 and 13, 3 women in the 40s and the eldest is 60 plus and that does not include Mrs. Dabke, my Guru! Yet this class is absolutely fun. We are incorrigible gigglers. Last week the kids in between singing picked up some spectacles that were lying around and wore them on their noses to give us the bespectacled 40s and 60s company. It was hilarious, to watch Dhruv wearing 2 pairs one on top of other. In chorus we sang sa, ga re, ga pa~~~ dha, ni, Sa~~

Friday I sat down for riyaz for 2 full hours and followed it on Sat morning for another 2 hrs. Thru the day I moved around the house, cleaning, cooking, gardening, clicking pictures for the blog and more...

Saturday night went to a Kathak recital by Ntriyadarpana Foundation, it was an excellent experience with Paullomi Mukherjee Naik compering the show as she educated the audience on the nuances of Kathak and the characters played by her students. The brightest performance was by Vidhi Sampat whose abhinay and nimble footwork as Abhisarika captivated me. All the other girls were all decked up in Solah Shringar and were quite entertaining in their individual acts. I must bribe my friend Ashita to invite me for such concerts more often as these are non commercial focused on learning performances.

On Sunday I was too tired to cook as it was late the previous night. So we went to my favorite not a Dhaba but Punjabi homestyle outlet in Belapur called Bimal Paratha House. Guys you must visit this place. They chopped the sarson for us after we placed the order for Sarson da saag and Makai ki roti. Everything is always absolutely fresh, tasty and laden with ghee! Loved the indulgence as I was off rice and roti thru the work week.

Well today was a hectic day too even though I worked from home. So here is a treat I just made and posting as the Monday night turns to Tuesday.

It's a simple recipe but does wonders for my tired body.


300 ml chilled milk
1 teaspoon instant coffee
1 teaspoon nutella
Sugar to taste

Put everything in a shaker and serve in a tall glass.

Sipped slowly. Reflecting on how I love my life, this is the life I want to live and enjoy!

Now I am off to bed. Good night!


  1. lovely post Anjali, really enjoyed reading it :) and i see that right click is now disabled ;)

    1. Vinaya if you were in Mumbai, would have dragged you along everywhere! Right click would not be required! ;)

  2. yummy cold coffee... glad to follow u...

  3. Wish i get that glass rite now,fabulous cold coffee.

  4. Nutella in anything takes the dish to a new level. Sadly my kids disagree with capital D to this. I am the only Nutella lover in my home. And giving up rice and roti for one week is an achievement. Wish I could find this resolve.
    Love Ash.

    1. Ash make it for yourself. I am still on it, join me when you can on the no roti or rice if you are up to it.

  5. One day, I dream of learning to sing. I dabbled in it as a cild, sadly i did not stick to it, I regret it.
    I am looking fwd to making cold coffee in the terrible Texan summer. I will thank u again for it then!

  6. Hi Anjali,

    How areyour? Its been very long...so took time to visit our old bloggers blog's to say hi....

    Asusal favourite delicious drink dear...

    Never can forget your traditional dishes..and visit....takecarebye...Usha

  7. Kudos to you for being a lifelong student! And the mention of kathak made me wistful- I learned Kathak once upon a time and LOVE the dance form.

    1. You did! It is powerful dance, I got to watch Uma Dogra perform recently :)


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