Sunday, January 08, 2017

YouTube: Koli episode of KhadyaBhramanti on ABPMajha

खाद्यभ्रमंती: आलिबागच्या थळ गावातील कोळीवाड्याची खाद्यसंस्कृती 

 A thank you note to the ABPMajha team:

Hi Shefali, Shrikant and Uttam,

You did an awesome job! Loved how the #kolispecial #khadyabhramanti episode has turned out.

I appreciate that you traveled to my village, Thal and adjusted in my home when you could have been in a more comfortable hotel only so that you could start shooting early. You went beyond your work and helped in setting up the location for shoot and did not just sit and watch. After this two day shoot with you, I have started appreciating all the effort that goes into making this little show. Kudos to you three. Keep up the good work and the look out for the rare and vanishing recipes!

Above all I enjoyed working with you guys. It's been thrilling two days as I presenting thru you my most cherished dream of bringing Thal to the world. It all began 10 years ago when I started writing the blog. People loved my memories of childhood vacations spent there. The revival of recipes that are vanishing. The unique culture of the Kolis. This project is very dear to my heart and I shall keep doing it in the future too.

Shefali especially thanks for following my blog and approaching me for this episode. Stay connected.

Pl. forward this mail to your Managers.

Warmest Regards
Anjali Koli

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  1. अंजली
    मी शुभा ,फार छान लिहिता,9820335458 माझा संपर्क नंबर आहे,एक काम होते कृपया संपर्क करू शकाल का??किंवा मेल द्यावा


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