Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Square Shaped Chutney Paratha

Last 2 days the www has gone crazy looking for a good tilgul recipe. Some are looking for an easy one, some have messed up and need to fix tilgul recipe that flopped. I made tilgul too but did not take pictures for this post.

I want to wish you
Sankrantichya Shubhecha! with a Dry Chutney Paratha. To pick the Haldi (Turmeric) Kunku (Vermillion) that I offer touch the screen.

You see after all the sweet tilgul you will need something savory. Remember I had posted the recipe for Kadipatta Til Chutney a few days ago. I updated the same post after I tried out the Chutney Paratha. This recipe is ideal for Sankranti and it has til in it.

In this post I will write about how to make square shaped parathas. Food is most times about the taste and at all times about presentation. If you have been a fussy kid you know that the food styling could get you to eat stuff that you don't even care for. Right! so we have seen paratha in the shape of a triangle, layered round, stuffed, unstuffed but round is standard. One shape I just tried out by fluke is square.

Well how did I stumble on this shape. I was making the chutney paratha again for my Dad. I was using the dry Kadipatta Til Chutney I knew they would stay good for a couple of days so my Dad need not cook for atleast 2 days while I was in Chennai. In a hurry I rolled out a chapati and realised I started out to make parathas. So instead of rolling the dough back into a ball I put a spoon of chutney in the middle and folded the edges over it to get a square packet. This actually is neater than making baskets that we make to fill the stuffing for round parathas. Then I just flattend the packet with the palm and rolled out thinner to get a square paratha. While making a square paratha the dough should not be spinned like we do for rotis. Instead roll it vertical to get a rectange then turn it 90 degrees and roll vertical to get a square. Make a size a little bigger than a poori for easy handling.

These parathas would taste good stuffed with any dry chutney and last for couple of days at room temperature. They are ideal for a packed meal or travel.

If served at home ketchup, date-tamarind chutney or humus is an ideal dip to accompany.


  1. Hi anjali,
    Nice idea to make paratha square.
    Just a suggestion , write the recipe process step by step or just using a new line for each step, that will help the readers to find the process and folloe it easily.
    Thanks for sharing, i will try it your way and will let you know .

  2. Anjali, making stuffed parathas with dry chutneys is such a neat idea! Storing this away in my 'tips and tricks'. :-)

  3. what a great way to use up left over chutney. ome times it just gets spoilt in the fridge. great recipe.

  4. I don't end up with round/triangular paratha when I start with round/triangular shaped dough :D

  5. tulapan sankrantichya shubhecha. eat lots of tilgul for me.

  6. wow!!! excellent recipe ....

  7. Pooja actually I presumed parathas are something that does not need direction for making. Good yu pointed out I'll do it now.

    ET sure go ahead!

    Vimmi chutneys so how always get leftover. I still haven't figured a way to make exact portions but now we have these parathas.

    Suganya thats because you are so talented and free form art does exsist ;).

    Bee tilgul is tempting :).

    Deepa thanks for your comment.

  8. tilgud gha abi goL goL bola :D

    Haldikumkum is for you too...

  9. I have been reading your blog for sometime now. I just find it very soulful. I'm an Indian living in USA & was totally unaware of the koli culture. And now I find myself looking forward to your little stories...keep them coming...

  10. Anita...hehe...gol gol...bola...Gol I am is that not enuf?

    Priti welcome here! That is such a sweet comment, you made my day!


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