Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bagels Bribe Dad

My Dad hates to be alone when I am on business travel. He won't say it in so many words but I know. Parents, are just like kids at his age. Every day he waits for me to reach home. Lovingly he tries to surprise me with one or the other thing when I am back. He needs to be coaxed to eat well. He has this concept of eating half the capacity of his tummy. That has kept him in good health. Touch wood!

I'm posting this from Chennai and I'm missing Dad too.

Last Saturday I made bagels to bribe Dad without saying it. I was going to be away for a few days so wanted to treat him to a good breakfast before I left. Anita came to my rescue
with her Bagels for Breakfast.

I made the spread too with Amul lite first time, my mistake. I should have used cream cheese instead like Anita. These Fad thingys are fakes I agree.

The Bagels passed the benchmark of a perfect one. They were chewy and tasted awesome when still warm. Thanks Anita! Did you note the Remakes category looks like it was made just for you :)


  1. oh thanks for reminding me of this. i am going to try it this weekend!

  2. They are totally worth the effort, right? These pictures are making me crave some right now! Toasted, they are great with good old Amul butter too.

  3. Anjali!! YOu are so lucky to have a dad like that!! I love reading your post. So sweet of you to make these bagels for him. I am sure he must have enjoyed his breakfast with those yummy looking ones

  4. somewhere ur notes touched me! hope you get back home soon and be with ur dad :)


  5. What a lovely gesture. Parents are like that. We are in the USA but really miss them. Just wait for the yearly trip to india to feel like a kid again

  6. Nags you will love them.

    Anita every bit and may be I'll make then this weekend too :).

    Padmaja yes I am blessed :).

    Mishmash...I reach home today and I know I will be welcomed home to a dinner of Varan bhat:), that is a staple after a trip.

    Vimmi so when is your next reunion?


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