Wednesday, June 10, 2009

La Cinderella

This went out as a mail to update everyone on the hilarious incident I will never forget! Read on...

I was busy with my work and completely engrossed. Most of you know that when I am in that mood I remove my slippers and fold my legs up and squat on the chair. Now this morning I had atleast 4-5 women meeting me. After an hour I wanted to go for another meeting. I tried to feel for my chappal under my chair. The right foot slipper was gone. I looked around and saw a right foot slipper lying nearby. Hey but that one was not mine! I was zapped that someone had actually worn my right foot slipper and gone off. Now began the hunt for finding out which of the 5 women took it away, the hunt a much la Cinderella.

I was blanked out completely on how anyone could have done it. I went around looking for the slipper swapper. I was getting late for my next meeting. Then I came back to my laptop and saw a ping from the culprit. I told her to stay put where she was. I had a meeting in a different bldg. This slipper swapper was in that bldg too. Thank God!! So I went around the campus for some time with 2 different slipper on my feet and some comforting words from a friend “ Don’t worry, you are not alone there is the other person too roaming around with two different slippers on!!”

Guess who it was???

Doped Versha, Just out of bed.

To which Priyanka replies:

"Short and sweet compilation off the event.

I feel proud and highly honored to be the sole eye-witness of that fun-filled moment!

Yours Sincerely........."


  1. Hi Anjali !!!

    This is hilarious ! i too have slipped on a mismatched pair absent mindedly and flown from pune to delhi. while you had only one witness, i had the whole of connaught place as i immeditely nneded to go shopping , and i just cudnt find a good pair...i cud actually feel ppl's stares behind my back.

  2. Hey gal! Where r u today? Hope you are taking care of yourself while on move. Eat well and sleep well.

    My gosh I wld have died of shame or prefered to do a padayatra!!:)

  3. Saee am just back from a whirlwind road trip. Will post about it soon. How have you been?

  4. Oh, then it's ok. Was wondering where you'd disappeared. Hope you had fun. I've been doing the usual--nothing :) Apart from experimenting in the kitchen and waiting for the rains.

  5. Hey Saee! Aga office madli kama and ghari ale ki Chimi barobar khelna hya madhe blog kade jara durlakshya zalay. I must post just for you soon:)

  6. Yes, you must! You're an inspiration!


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