Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shravani Shanivar

Photo credit: Abhay Inamdar taken at Shani Mandir, Gondavale

Saturdays in the month of Shravan are designated as important days for fasting. Shanivar is the day of Lord Shani. The planet that represents Shani is Saturn. All the mistakes man makes or if somethings go wrong in life one can safely blame it on this God. Hinduism plays on psychology and allows one to unburden and also encourages very positively to let one take control of ones life in these simple steps which are symbolic and these techniques work!
  1. Detoxify by fasting
  2. Worship The Lord Shani
  3. Lead a fresh new life
It is believed that if The Lord Shani casts his Vakra nazar that is if he is cross with you then you suffer in life. So if there are legends and if there are believers there is also a solution provided for cleansing.

So how do you worship The Lord. 

  • Visit the Shani temple.
  • Offer oil to The Lord Shani : The oil is poured on the idol it is believed to cool him.
  • A few whole udid seeds are added to the oil. As black is associated with warding off evil.
  • Black clothes are worn on this day for the same reason.
As for fasting pattern as is prescribed for Shravan, solid food is not consumed from Dawn to Dusk. Liquids can be consumed. After dusk a full meal can be had. In most homes a Shravani meal is special and therefore elaborate.

Many people are unable to do the strict dawn to dusk fasting and therefore have Faral or light eats which are foods different from daily consumed ones, like Samo seeds, Sago, Rajgira etc.

Today is the first Shravani Shanivar, are you fasting? If you are looking for ideas for Feasting as you Fast, I have a label Upvas for you.

In the upcoming post I shall present "Three techniques for cooking Samo seeds or Bhagar". Don't miss it.


  1. I had always heard of shravani Somwars, never knew that the shaniwars of shravan had a significance too! Thanks for sharing Anjali.

    1. Hey Sharmila, did you celebrate Nagpanchami?

    2. Nope :-(
      Not celebrated on my side ... have no idea how from the in laws side.
      Actually am very interested in rituals and pujas etc. but do not know much. Ma-in-law does a lot of puja paath but has never instructed me to ... so a lot of these rituals are still unknown to me. Which is why am loving your posts so much. :)

  2. Hi Anjali,
    What a well written post. I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Hi Asmita, am glad you enjoyed it. I attempt to explain to the modern person as no one in today's world would follow without understanding the significance and logic. Hinduism is a way of life after all and so inclusive, even to a wrong doer or sufferer.


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