Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cherry Clafoutis

Sunday nite dinner of Dhokla, Guava nectar and Cherry Clafoutis

I came home with a tiny box of Cherries. Some how Cherries always means exotica to me. Here in India we get it only in season and they are expensive plus the red color makes them Cherished ! LOL

So a handful get popped in the mouth after cleansing in water. Couple of them are saved for decoration. The others are part of a plan for a Clafoutis. Joy of Baking comes to my help. A fruit dessert is always a preference than a rich creamy one. It gets me wondering just reading a recipe what is the difference between  a Cobbler and a Clafoutis? Besides one being an English nomenclature and the other French. Anyways whatever it is this one did taste good. Pat my back for being brave and not pitting the cherries! The whole theory of the kernels releasing the essential oils to lend a sublime flavor to the dessert drove me to do it. But then while eating I felt like what I used to experience while eating fish. Its scandalous to even think that way for a now vegetarian moi.

Well when its warm the buttery and cherry flavour are sublime. People suggest it to be enjoyed with whipped cream. I suggest go the extra mile but pit your cherries and then jog the extra mile.

The Cherry Clafoutis is a handsome dish. I don't know if the gender is right but that's the way I want to think about it. Enjoy it

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  1. have been eyeing those red fruit laden small boxes in the hyper market aisle but was never sure as what to make of them. are they sweet? last time when we brought a box of strawberries they were sour beyond imagination. the clafoutis look perfect with ditted red beauties.


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