Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two Guesses...Come On... Tell me...

This is a gift from a dear friend Gurunath Kulkarni. Anyone knows what it is called? It hails from the deserts, pun intended!

Guess what this is? Has anyone brought home something so garish just because it cost less than a sober color. It does not go with anything else at home, our's is an almost ethnic home!


  1. the first pic is something made from sugar and sesame, they call it 'gajak' in north india. the second one seems to be a radio set, right?

  2. tilachi chikki, Sesame in sugar syrup

  3. 1)Tilachi chikki or gajak from rajsthan.

    2) FM Radio????

  4. Even I think the first one as Ghazak as I tasted this once and the second one looks too cute..lovely pink color radio..if I m right??

  5. 1) Sesame seeds chikki
    2)looks like an ipod speaker(ihome) or a mp3 speaker.

  6. Gajak!!! is it Gajak? sold usually in winter.
    The 2nd. umm... Radio alarm or something for ur ipod.

  7. Chikki Chikki :)

    What is the second one, boom box ka? Color cute ahe ki - pink


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