Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ganga Jamuna Ice Cream

There is something about zest that I love so much. If I had a choice I would have used it to flavor almost everything. I love the thick skinned oranges and always harvest the zest for various uses like the Candied Orange Peel I made sometime ago which are ubiquitous in my baking. Here however the zest is in all its splendor fresh and full of life burst. This is the easiest ice cream you can make. It's texture is like ice candy crushed in ice cream. It coulld be creamed to smoothness but that is not what I wanted because I like orange duets and I like scoops too. So here you have a fun flavor and texture. Now it is candy and now it is creamy.

It gets its name from a childhood favorite juice we'd have at Kandeel's juice center while walking back from school. Hrushi would walk down from Scholar at Electric House along with V bhau and pick me up at my school, St.Annes Fort and then the long walk home. Both Hrushi and me loved Ganga Jamuna the name given to a combo of equal parts of orange and sweet lime juiced together. It draws inspiration from the confluence of the two revered rivers in the Indian sub-continent.

We were celebrating Hrushi's birthday together after 6yrs so I wanted to make all the things associated with our childhood. So this was the chosen flavor for the ice cream. I even fed him a spoon of this ice cream when he left for Mumbai in lieu of curd which we feed to family when leaving home.

The recipe is too simple and you will love it.


Zest of 1 orange
Juice of 1 orange + 1 sweet lime
2 cups Amul cream
0.5 cup sugar (more if you like)

In a blender fix the whipping blade. Add the cream and sugar and whip till frothy. Now fold in the zest and juice. Pour out the mixture into a freezer safe box. I kept the height of the liquid to 1 inch to get quicker setting. 

Once frozen, a min of 4 hrs scoop out and serve. This ice cream melts fast due to the juice content. So serve just before eating. My bro loved it hope you do too.

We enjoyed it on it's own and was also paired with something else. Won't you come back to see what else I did with it.


  1. thats really gorgeous...lovely totally my kinda recipe.

  2. LOVED the flavors! I'm in eternal love with zesty flavors, too. So this one works like a charm for me. I loved reading about kandeel--we used to stop there for juice as well. :)

  3. Just mouthwatering....looks so easy to prepare and delicious!

  4. lovely flavors...looks delicious

  5. name itself tempts to eat icecream. nice one. gonna try for sure.since i lov icecreams

  6. Name its tempts a lot, delicious flavourful icecream..

  7. This looks really flavorsome and refreshing Anjali :) A fantastic original from your kitchen , once again !


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