Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sanjeevanam: Vegetarian Health Restaurant

As colorful as a painter's palette: 
Shot glasses of Khajur drink, Cashew milk, Beetroot soup, Mathaa and Ganji.

The raw foods (Rto L): 
Aval puttu, Mix veg salad, Banana pith raita, beetroot salad

The semi-cooked foods (front to back): 
Olan, Ashgourd Kichadi, Pumkin pachadi and Banana flower stir fry

Finally the cooked food

Keerai and Bitter gourd stir fry

Red rice and Avial

White rice and Greens sambhar

Pineapple tomato rasam

Moong dal

Aval payasam

Spoonful of honey

Vegetable paan: minced veggies with nut paste

At Sanjeevanam, Kormangala we walk into a glass enclosed courtyard with a tree at the center. Under the tree we sit at a perfectly set table. Soumiya and Me were there to try the Ayurveda based meal.

This restaurant is from the stables of Cholayil the company that follows ayurvedic traditions in their products, of which the Medimix soap that makes them a known name in every household.

This restaurant is good for a try once, the colorful drinks served in shot glasses is the high point of the meal. The staff carefully explains the order of foods to be consumed, beginning with a slice of banana as the appetizer, the juices to tune the stomach, the raw food, the semi-cooked and finally the cooked food. There is lots of buttermilk and curd to round off the meal. The closure of this formal meal is with a spoon of honey to help digest and a vegetable paan to freshen up the mouth.

Here in Blr. it's a buffet but at their other locations in Ernakulam and Chennai they serve on banana leaves.

What do I say about it? It's one place you will call healthy even when you are dinning out. The food it almost like home cooked, contrary to people's belief that healthy food might taste like bad hospital food; this meal was yummy. My favorites were the shot glasses of drinks, the banana pith raita and the aval payasam. 

The presence of such a restaurant in Blr. shows everything has a place on the foodscapes here. 

Cholayil Sanjeevanam, Kendriya Sadan
Koramangala 2B Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

Note: Check out the Fab India store housed in the old world bungalow with a courtyard across the road. That should complete your ethic experience. I bought handmade soaps, perfumed oil and lip balm for my Uncle and Aunt.


  1. Lovely review, definitely useful..

  2. Sounds really great. There not that much vegetarian restaurants around. So sad.Anyone who is around it should check it out.

  3. i came here to wish you for the new year and here's such a beautiful post. the idea of this restaurant is very innovative and its wonderful to see that there are so many visitors. love the shot glasses and the drinks...innovative way of putting different flavours together.
    how are you now Anjali? hope the weight is under check and you have had a great start to the year.

  4. Hi Sayantani have left a comment on your blog.

  5. We liked this place and have gone back twice again. I've been telling others about it. Next time, I want to do that, all i've to do is send them a link to your blogpost! Lovely picture of the Khajur, Cashew, Beetroot glasses!

  6. Anjali, kuthey ahes?? Miss you and your posts!

    1. I miss you too Sonia, sadya aaram chala aahe :). Mail pathavla aahe.

  7. Nice blog- first time here !!! Lovely space u got here


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