Saturday, November 17, 2012

Growing Cucurbits

They grew from the compost, I did not sow them so I don't know what they are, could be cucumbers and pumpkins I guess.

 Flowering started within a week.

 The first cucurbit! YaY! I thought it was ivy gourd, Dad says its a pumpkin.

 It is getting fatter. I still don't know what it is. May be a cooking cucumber.

Yes it is a cucumber, gifted it to my Uncle MJ, Aruna Kaki made sambar with it.

Diwali is over. Stop over eating right away. Get hold of some fresh veggies, have a nice crunchy salad. Detox for a week, join me.

 Posted on FB, 31st March 2013 : It smells beautiful, the freshness of the just harvested! Aha!


  1. Wow, fantastic.. Nothing will beat the home grown veggies.

  2. Super Anjali!! We call it Mangalore Sutekayi. Its amazing how this grew in ur terrace garden :-)

  3. Wow Anjali! Am a fan all over again. It feels so good to see such healthy produce in one's own balcony! Am so inspired by you. :-)

  4. That is such a sweet thing to say Sharmila :)


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