Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gongura Pappu

Is my most favorite spicy dal. Especially if my ex-neighbor Rani has made it. The dal is cooked to creaminess with the gongura leaves in it and the single way to enjoy it is drizzle ghee and mix it with the fingers. I have seen thinner version of gongura pappu but this is how Rani makes it, thick and creaminess characteristic of gongura.

The thick dal mixed with rice and made into a mudda is how Rani would love to enjoy but since we always teased her she would go to the kitchen and eat her muddas but never in front of us. We would tease Anu, my pilloo that she would have eaten rice balls on the day gongura dal was made and she would go, "Noooo". Such precious memories!

Then life does a 360 on you. Today if I have to thoroughly enjoy gongura pappu I must make muddas with rice!

Two years ago when I did my Andhra Pradesh Road Trip I was in search of a good gongura pappu but found none. Which only means that this recipe is priceless and good recipes are the ones that are made at home. My belief is strengthened.

So here I am sharing with you.


1 large bunch of gongura 
2 cups tur dal
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon red chilli powder 

For more authentic taste use the red chili and mashed garlic masala that Andhraites make in bulk. The garlic lends a very slight fermented taste to the masala and a beautiful flavor to the Andhra specialties.

Pluck the leaves of gongura. Wash and clean. Chop them fine. Wash tur dal. In a pressure cooker add the dal and the gongura. Add the spices. Top up with 6 cups water. Cook for 20 mins with whistle or for 3 long whistles. Open the cooker. The dal should be crumbled completely on cooking. Mash it and keep aside.

For the poppu/ tadka

1 teaspoon mustard seeds
2 tablespoons oil
as many Garlic cloves as you like, peeled
curry leaves (I was out of stock)

Heat oil till smoking point. Splutter the mustard seeds add asafoetida, curry leaves and finally garlic cloves. Fry till golden. Pour the poppu over the cooked dal and bring to a rolling boil. Serve hot and enjoy.

P.S: In the picture I have used a red Pochampalli cloth done in Ikat style of dyeing which is unique to Andhra Pradesh. I love ethnic fabrics and these weavers need encouragement.


  1. Hi,

    Instead of red chilli powder add 3,to 4 green chillies ,it will be mor tasty.


  2. Thanks Anjali, will make it this weekend!!


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