Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Contest 1 : Winners of Cookbooks and Food books

Thank you everyone of you who played along! This Contest 1 : Cookbooks and Food books was fun wasn't it?

It is so wonderful to see you all again on the blog even if I see you regularly on FB. A comment on the blog just makes us bloggers so happy and from the dwindling comments to see so many of you commenting here is truly rejuvenating this blog and me.

So before I announce the winners I am sure you are curious to know what's on display in the last post and the story of each of that book or booklet starting from the top left.

1. Desi Health Bites ebook that includes two recipes contributed by me for Fortune Foods Blogger program.
2. The many recipe booklets that came with appliances and recipe cards collected from random sources.
3. The Tupperware recipe booklet that came with the gift from IFBM. ( Many thought it was a catalogue)
4. Annapoorna by Mangala Barve, a gift by Shalini Pise. The yellowness and tatters tells I started cooking from it at a very early age. It is my go to cookbook.
5. Cooking on the Run by Boria Majumdar, it recommends cooking as a survival skill for single men, written in a humorous style and a lot of cricket analogies.
6. Healthy Delights the only recipe videos on a CD I have! gift from Fortune Foods.
7. New Concise Larousse Gastronomique that I managed to fly free while returning from IFBM.
8. Ruchira 1 & 2 by Kamalabai Ogale which I won as a prize for a contest in support of Anti-plagiarism.
9. The Gore family cookbook by Saee Koranne Khandekar is a gift from the author herself and my blogger buddy of years.
10. OM Cooking is a gift by The Marathe family. It consists of vegetarian recipes that are fun to cook. Its a publication from Chinmaya Mission.
11. A Pinch of This, A Handful of That by our most successful blogger buddy Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal. I received it as a gift from her at the Maharashtrian Mejwani.
12. The Taj Magazine 2010 edition which has the Chef's favorites. I love cooking some fancy dishes from it.
13. Jamva Chaloji 1 &2 by Katy Dalal
14. Sea food fiesta by Katy Dalal
15.Vitality by Katy Dalal. All the four books are my favorite books for Parsi cuisine. It helps to have Kurush and Rhea as friends who carry Katy's legacy. They are ever available to answer question on Parsi cuisine when I need help.
16. Morrison's Magazine is gifted by Reva Hart. I love it for all the summer fruit recipes in this edition.

So this list does not have Following Fish and it is the odd one out ofcourse! It is a foodbook and not a cookbook. It is a compilation of essays by Samanth Subramanian narrating his fascinating trips covering the coast of India, the importance of fish as food, medicine and the culture along the vast Indian peninsula.

Those of you who got that right. Congratulations! The top three winners are:

Manasi of A Cook @ Heart

She gets a Taster pack of Masalas as she did not mention her pick we think she will like a bit of all our masalas.


Nikita of A real housewife

She receives a pack of Gondavale Goda Masala which is her fave pick as she loves all types of Goda masalas and we think she will love our aromatic blend.


Kavita Shewale

She receives one large jar of Orange Marmalade made from the best Kinnow oranges with its very citrusy slightly bitter aftertaste from the thinly sliced skin.


Pl. mail the shipping address to annaparabrahmaATgmailDOTcom. We will promptly send your prizes so you can enjoy them.

I enjoyed reading each and every comment. Some of you are old  friends and some of you have delurked here to participate in this effort of bringing back the conversations on to the blog and so you deserve a special thank you!

Veena thank you for the wonderful insight on the various cookbooks and foodbooks and I am glad this post compelled you to comment here. It would be fantastic to meet you over a cup of Chai and talk about food, food and just food. Watch your inbox!

See you for now and there is the next Contest coming up, guess what is the topic?


  1. i dont know if my earlier comment reached you. I made aamti with the goda masala last week and it was fabulous. thank you again!

    1. Hi Nikita lovely to hear back from you about the Gondavale goda masala and so glad you enjoyed the aamti. Keep cooking, feeding and spreading smiles :)


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