Monday, July 09, 2007

Mango Phirni

Mango Phirni is an aphrodisiac. The silken texture, the flavor of Alphonso mango and carb from rice takes you to a state of bliss almost instantly. Can you believe this phirni can be made in flat 10 mins. Yes absolutely. This one can be a made for a party one day before and served chilled. It tastes even better. You would have steamed rice ready for a meal. Well and the family gets a kick by asking for last minute additions to the meal. The phirni can come to your help. Do as I did.


1 cup cooked basmati rice
1 cups whole milk
1/2 cup condensed milk
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 cup Alphonso mango puree
1/2 teaspoon ghee

Grind cooked rice and milk together to get a thick liquid. In a thick bottom vessel boil the rice and milk mixture with sugar for 5 mins. While it is boiling add the condensed milk. Let it thicken for 5 mins. It should be creamy in consistency. Put off the heat and add the ghee. Let is cool for a while then add Alphonso mango puree. It is important for the phirni to cool before adding mango else it will coagulate the milk. Top up with any nuts I used charoli.

Slurp up the Mango Phirni. Make this on the weekend you will need a nap after it.


  1. This is in my to-do list. But the recipe I have calls for just 2 tbsp of rice. What is yr suggestion?

  2. 2 tablespoons of raw rice is correct measurements. I have used cooked rice.

  3. Mmmm!!! Love the color and can imagine the taste:))

  4. look yum and easy. great to take to a party as well.

  5. Lat time I made it with uncooked rice. This is interesting with the use of cooked rice.

  6. this is different recipe .nice one ...must have tasted great

  7. hi anjali, first time on your blog. loved all your recipes and the way you write- really nice.

  8. Hi Anjali,,

    Hmmm looks what is pleasant colour...just amazing.

  9. Priyanka welcome here. Just checked out your blog will go there for more later.

    Asha it has to savored closely.

    Bee yeah its ready in a jiffy and tastes awsome.

    Gini phirni is always made with raw rice but this is an instant version.

    Deepa, Ushi you must try it.

  10. nice recipe..thanks for posting it...
    One doubt though, you have included ghee in ingredients.. I didnt realize at what point you have used it in the recipe.. Please clarify..

  11. Soni I have mentioned that ghee is do be added after cooking the rice with milk. Here ghee is used only to impart flavor so it is more like drizzling it hence the small quantity. Most recipes will start with adding ghee first and then rice but to avoid more usage of ghee which is uneccessary for this recipe, I added is as a flavorant at the end.


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