Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kachoris from Mansukh's

Pradeep my colleague got a bag of Kachoris from Mysore for me. He reads my blog regularly and knows I love food and like to share my thoughts about it. We have many times discussed about our favorites. I have been complaining about the quailty and authenticity of chats in Blr. My experience tells me it is just not chat, the Mumbai and Delhi Chats that I know. Everything smells of sambhar here. Pradeep challenged me that Mansukh's products will change my views.

Yes he was right. These Khasta Kachoris are the best I have tasted this side of the south. He had got couple of other things like ganthia and rosgullas that were very authentic. So the next time I visit Mysore I am going to raid this shop. Else Pradeep is quite dependable.

The filling is spiced right and is made from moong dal/ urid dal and the cover is khasta or crisp and layered. A perfect Kachori. There is another Kachori that I am fond of and that I make at home the recipe is by a famous Indian cook will post it some time. Till then keep guessing and salivating.


  1. Now, even I crave for some kachories :) I agree that the taste of chat differs from North to South, but I feel that the chats in hyderabad tasty pretty OK.
    Waiting for your kachori recipe :)

  2. mala pan... mala pan.. attachya atta

  3. those look delicious!!
    i have to wait for few more weeks to taste real indian food as i am off for 3 weeks!!

  4. Kajoris are looking great Anjali. Viji

  5. Love the way they look! YUM! I remember eating those in Belgaum,really tasty.Enjoy you lucky girl:)

  6. i vl grab some when i find mansukh's
    and waiting for ur recipe :)


  7. The picture of kachories is very enticing...

    I now want to make some hot kachories...

  8. these look really nice...and I m also going to visit this shop next tim I m in Mysore, which wont be too long

  9. Vinaya attachya ata blr la nighun ye...

    Cinnamon I'm yet to taste chat in Hyd.

    Padmaja, bhags chalo thanks to Kachoris you will be visiting India ;).

    Viji, watch out for the other recipe its a gem.

    Asha, Anusha nice rhyme with your names thanks for your comment.

    Kumudha ...at first I thought it is one of my seniors commenting here:).

  10. Anjali, you know Modern in Santa Cruz (W) - at least that's what I think it is called - near the WR station? They sell khandvi, dhokla and all kinds of delicious Gujju treats. If you are ever in that area, try their kachoris. I am sure you will love them!


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