Monday, October 01, 2007

Ranjini's Shrimanth

Shrimanth in Kanada means baby shower. In Marathi we call it DohaLe Jevan. It is the meant to pamper the young mostly first time mother to be and cheer her up as she accumulates courage to face the most testing time in her life. She does it with pride as she knows her reward will soon change her life in and out. This doctor knows every theory related to birth but is getting a hands on for the first time. A General Practitioner getting trained in the department of gynaecology. She is happy to have her baby here in India instead of the USA amidst of all the attention, care and love from family and friends.

That's my neighbor Dr. Ranjini wearing her green saree to mark the celebration of fertility, the coming of a baby, a baby shower.

The women folk gathered to bless both the baby and Mom to be.

The symbols of fertility are on a show before handing out to each lady.

Women discussing the nature's blessings and the labour pains and sharing stories of their experiences.

Tambul for all the women. An honor for a young fertile woman. This plate holds a blouse piece, betel leaves and nuts, green bangles, packets of haldi-kumkum, flowers, a small packet of chivda, puffed rice ladoos and chaklis.

Its been a long time since I have been trying to post this one. Finally decided to make it pictorial due to a time crunch. The baby is on the way any moment and I didn't want to post this one after the baby is here!

P.S: Another friend Manisha delivered an angel on Saturday and we went to see her. It was so exciting! New borns have such an effect on all of us. I am waiting to play with 2 more babies. Ranjini's first or Varsha's first am wondering :). Will it be all girls? They can have a gang of their own like we do.


  1. How beautiful.I had 2 kids in US, nothing like this happened to me at all and I have to cope alone both times! That's life for us here!:))
    Good luck to her.

  2. thanks for sharing the lovely occasion! I miss India looking at all this.

  3. Asha even in cities like Mumbai now these clebrations don't happen and it was quite exciting for me too. Sure I pass on your wishes to her.

    Yeah India and your people await your visit Sharmi :).


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