Monday, October 15, 2007

Walnut Chocolate Fudge

Last time the Dheer family had sent Walnut Chocolate fudge for me I was smitten with it. I guess it was from Super Chikki in Lonavala. Well I decided to give it a try at home so I could have an endless supply. We'll worry about the tyre later, I guffawed. Dad gave me that nasty look, the one Yoga experts give to someone with a unhealthy lifestyle. But then I have always been the black sheep amongst his students. May be that was the rebel in me when I was younger. Now there are somethings I cannot change.

Well this weekend was an extremely relaxing one. On Saturday we had lunch at Dal Tadka at Kathriguppe. It was a Rajasthani Buffet a treat for a friend. (Look out for the review in the next post)

Later it was an evening at Alok's home. As usual it was a very charming one. We missed you Varsha, Asawari, Anand and little Gauri and of course our hyper active Pande Kaka and chilled out Kaku.

Then for a lovely Sunday that followed I made a light lunch of moist vegetable Paella (Pah-ya-ya). Dad was wondering if I was going to take a short cut for dinner too that night. I had been burning the night lamp for the last whole week and Dad as usual was taking care of all the needs. Yes he is a fabulous Dad yet he was showing signs of sulking as I was not able to spend time with him for a long time.

So I surprised him with an elaborate dinner of Cauliflower gravy with Bhature, Palak and fresh groundnuts stir fry and Walnut Chocolate Fudge.

This fudge is melt in the mouth and absolutely sinful. A good way to melt the hearts of our loved ones.


1 cup crushed walnuts
1 cup khava/khoa/ condensed milk solids
1 tin milkmaid
1 tablespoon ghee
1/2 cup Hershey Chocolate Syrup

Heat a thick bottom pan. To it add the ghee and toast the crushed walnuts for a few seconds till you get a wonderful aroma. Remove them and keep aside. Now fry the khava till light pink. At this point it is the right time to add the Chocolate Syrup and condensed milk. Keep stirring to avoid burning. Once you see the mix coming together and leaving the sides of the pan it is time to remove from heat. In a greased tray pat the hot gooey mix and let it cool completely. Once cooled chill for 2 hrs and then cut out different shapes with cookie cutters like I did for the big kid at home or cut into simple squares. I guarantee they taste the same absolutely divine.
I'm going to make it for the real kids on my next trip home.

P.S: I tried Bee and Jai's Chocolate-Almond Brownies and the original recipe too. I would rate the Bee and Jai's more than the original recipe. Reason Bee and Jai's has granular texture that I like. The original recipe is too silken for my taste. I used cadbury's cocoa powder, cooking chocolate and curd as egg substitute. It inspired me to try Walnut Chocolate Fudge recipe that was in the waiting for long.


  1. walnut chocolate fudge!!
    amazingly looking fudge there, wish I could pick some and eat !!!

  2. you used yogurt instead of egg? should try that. good to see you posting again, anjali.

  3. your self ;).

    Bee yes I always use yogurt as substitute for egg though it makes the cakes etc slightly denser.

  4. Awwww... this looks lovely. I think should try this during Navaratri instead of one of the traditional sweets on of these days. M sure she will also love it :)

  5. Vinaya Actually .. it is mahtla tar barfi mhatla tar fudge.

  6. Yogurt? Neat idea. Was the end product tangy?

  7. Suganya the taste of yogurt is not noticeable as chocolate masks it.

  8. can v use cashew instead of walnuts..... nd how much condensed milk.....

    1. Yes should work even almond is ok. Each nut will give you a different taste. Follow the recipe.


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