Friday, November 02, 2007

Extra Terrestrial Specimen

Our friend Gauri Dutt has adopted the bong culture credit to her husband, Shom . Lately her sasural Kolkata has been in news due to the celestial body observed in the area. So when I opened that packet she sent me with her Dad, Uncle Dheer, I exclaimed, "Is this an extra terrestrial specimen. A closer look told me it was a special gift from my fave chikki shop , I had written about earlier, a Maganlal's creation. At Maganlal's they are not just visionary they push themselves to create new delites like these. If you haven' t guessed what it is by now, let me be explicit. It is a chikki, Dud! If you knew that one, tell me what variety is it ? Well it is the black sesame seed chikki. Ain't they innovative! To read all about the benifits of black sesame seeds click here.

When I was on a weight loss program back in 2002. My dietician had prescribed 2 teaspoons of black sesame seed for snacking for my 4 o'clock hunger. She guides Miss India's too so this is a much tried and tested prescription. It helps prevent hairloss during weight reduction, provides fiber and satiates hunger she said. Gosh it reminds me of days when I was the fittest with glowing skin and hair and P showered compliments on me. Can history be repeated?
Update from Gauri: Sesame plants are flowering in the fields and will be ready for harvesting by Dec and then it is time for Sankrant and Tilgul, sesame ladu. This is an example of how the Indian traditions are ruled by the seasons, needs of the body for the season and the spirit of celebrating the harvest. The black ones are with husk and the pale ones are the dehusked ones.


  1. Ain't this shop is famous all over India. But it does look alien :D

  2. it luks real ET! If u had not told me, I would have guessed it as something...'wierd'...


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