Monday, November 05, 2007

Quick Fix Chinese Meal

I used to love the Knorr soups though I don't follow the exact measures on the packet. I make the soups thinner than the cover directs as that's how we like our soups. So when Knorr introduced their Chinese ready mixes I had to keep them handy for those times when I am pressed for time. Yes though both of us like to cook at times we like to take a shortcut as much. We tried the Hakka Noodles sauce mix and the Chinese chili. Following the direction is easy. I had to post this review for my brother who loves Chinese food. We made the Chinese chili using baby corn, onion and capsicum. While for the Hakka noodles I used just onions and capsicum. My touch to this ready to make meal was the use of mustard oil, that gave a spicy sharpness to these dishes. The noodles were my usual Ching's.

It is in no way gourmet food but meant to satisfy a gourmet's craving for good food instantly that is the success of this brand. I am also blessed that my Dad quite a gourmet of Indian food does not complain about International cuisines that I try from time to time or such quick fixes.

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  1. i love packet soup too.. but i hear it can get unhealthy

  2. Fresh is always a better choice. These are handy when one is in a rush and always check the expiry date when buying and don't stock it for more than 3 months. Nags we all love packet foods for their convenience but the use should be seldom.

  3. Not mustard oil?! LOL et tu, Brutus?

  4. thanks, anjali. the problem with knorr and other mixes, i find, is that they are too high in sodium. i love the taste, though.

  5. Anita LOL, yes, yes....

    Bee agreed yeah but I make the soups thinner so the sodium content is lower in the portions per consumption. However you can't do it for the Chinese mixes. Knorr is one of the few ready to make packs that I have accepted in my cooking.

  6. arey yaar! chili chinese is funky. I use paneer too in that and I spend on an extra pack of chili chinese to cover my paneer peices with that pack and deep fry them...but thats more for taste than health... but I never liked paneer as much.

  7. Zitzat Humm thats good you really seemed to be perked up by the taste!


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