Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I am not ashamed to beg for a cause.

At work you have been around a colleague for a while now, who is quite, intelligent, a sports person, a young achiever in the corporate world, you begin to admire. You notice this person is different in every way when you have a conversation, you start respecting.

Then you stumble on this website and unexpectedly something rings in familiarity. You are completely swept by the work people do quietly, steadily to make someones life better with utmost respect. Never once this is mentioned to anyone at work.

It is the first time ever on this blog I am appealing to people to support a charity.


(The name means "Respect, and we respect every one with humility, devotion and kindness")

Their Mission: "Help us to help the needy and suffering"

The Services and Activities carried out by them:

* Aishwarya School for mentally retarded, handicapped and orphan.
* Aishwarya Retreat for aged.
* Aishwarya Montessori School.

Take your time and go through the site

Home History Services Facilities Activities What you can do Photo Gallery Contacts

The membership of the Trust is open to all above 18 years of age irrespective of their caste and creed. The Membership is also open for NRI's.

There are three (3) types of members, viz.

1. Donor
2. Life, and
3. Associate

You can download the membership application form by clicking Here or using the download button here.

After downloading and filling the application form you can email it to

You can also do an Electronic Fund Transfer to the Trust's Bank account. Request for the Bank account details at or annaparabrahma (at)

My plea to the readers:

If this blog has helped you in any way please go ahead and send in whatever help you can to AADIRIYEDATH GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS.

No matter how small the donation, it will bring in a positive change in someones life. So go ahead and send help to them.

Since this donation is going directly to AADIRIYEDATH let me know by leaving your name and contribution in the comments or mail:annaparabrahma (at) I will host the list of donors on this blog.

List of Members

Jyoti Brahme Padhye

List of Donors

Donor’s Name, Location, Amount, Date
Dr. Arya, Dubai, Rs. 2 lacs, older
R. Ramchandran, Bangalore, Rs. 2 lacs, older
Kalpana Garde, Bangalore, Rs. 5000, 10th Nov 08


  1. Hi, I loved your blog when I viited yesterday. Tonight, I made your specail pao and it was fantastic, thank U

  2. Shankari I am thrilled to know that! So what went with the pao?

    Thanks Vanamala.


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