Friday, July 04, 2008

Sita Kalyana Pictorial

Some time in May, our friends B.C. Prasad and family hosted the Sita Kalyana. This is a rare ceremony where Sita's wedding with Rama is recreated with all the rituals. They had invited around 200 people but since it was a rare ceremony and as it happens here in India, the turn out was double. More than 500 people attended.

It started at 7.00 am with worshiping the family God and ended with a wedding lunch and tambula at 4.00 pm.

The ceremony was wonderfully organized and each guest well taken care of just like a real wedding. It was a lovely experience free from the tantrums that are common in weddings of human beings.

I gasped, "It is an expensive affair to celebrate Sita Kalyana!!!"

It was the generosity of the B.C. Prasad family to conduct this rare celebration at their sprawling home.

Return of the procession after the visit to the nearby temple.

Mr. & Mrs. B.C. Prasad starting the Sita Kalyana with a pooja.

Enactment of the ceremonial bathing ritual of Lord Rama.

The Kumarika's, pre-teen girls pounding rice, depicting the responsibilities of a married woman.

The Mangalashtake, the 8 verses that describe the duties of a married couple are sung.

The Thali is tied around Sita's neck.

B. C. Prasad, dancing with the pestle.

Just like a real wedding! People in action.

The last Aarti

The Dashavatar, drama depicting the 10 forms of Lord Vishnu. This one is Ram avatar.

Varaha avatar

Narshimha avatar

Dancing and singing the praises to the lord.

Urulu Seva, rolling on the ground showing submission to the almighty.

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