Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Broken Wheat Idli

My Dad has got loads of broken wheat packets. I don't know how he could have confused broken wheat with idli rava (rice meal) but that has happened. Now I am not a one to make upma with broken wheat every other day, give me semolina any day. On top of that we decided that he needed a break from Blr which remains alien and hostile for him. Most of that can be accredited to boredom and the environmental conditions here. I was hence left to deal with the stock of broken wheat on my own like a lone soldier.

While he was away I decided to experiment. Keeping the proportions the same as regular idli I used broken wheat instead of rice meal. Followed the same step for grinding. Yet let it ferment for 6 more hours than the normal overnight fermentation that we do for the regular idlis. While mixing in the salt I realised the the batter was stickier and was unsure of the results. I think the idlis steam perfectly and tasted flavorful.

This is how you do it.


1/2 cup udid dal
2 cups broken wheat

Wash and soak udid dal for 4 hrs. Drain excess water and grind to fine paste.

Add the broken wheat to the ground dal and a little water and grind for 2 mins. Keep the batter thick. Remove to a large vessel and let it ferment for 18-20 hrs.

When you need to steam the idlis add salt as per taste. Mix gently.

Apply ghee to the moulds, I used coffee tumblers this time just to give it the "its different" thing.

Fill to three fourth capacity and steam till top is shiny and a knife inserted comes out dry.

Serve with chutney of your choice or make the relish I made to go with this "its different" idli.

This idli is a good options for a diabetic. I am getting ideas now of trying idlis with coarse ground other flours like millet. It should be fun and worth the experiment!


  1. broken wheat may be better for ya than semolina, though, 'cos it;s whole grain, while semolina is not.

  2. You could even add some veggies to it to make it more have a nice blog here

  3. Bee selective reading mode on here ;) hee hee.

    Yeah easycrafts to get a nice handvoish idlis may be :)

  4. Recently I tried cracked wheat instant idlis from another blog. It doesn't require fermenting. But I would love to try this method too. The dosas also look very tempting. I'm so going to do this next week, because just now I prepared the idli batter using rice. Thanks for the recie.

  5. that was an interesting try. i make nutritious khichdi with the broken wheat. 1 cup broken wheat 1/2 cup toor dal salt haldi ,then pressure cook it for 2whistles , a kadhai put oil whole spices (loong, mari,taj i elaichi )mustard seeds when it splutters put in 1 onion few garlic pieces some boiled veggies (carrot peas potato) n a capsicum,add haldi red chilli pwdr the boiled broken wheat n the dal squeeze in a lime nd a spoon of suger.u can also add broken cashews nd kismis.decorate with coriander leaves.the consistency should be like that of curd rice.

  6. Ahh this is an interesting recipe..never tried idlis with broken wheat.. u have a good collection of recipes..

  7. Sounds healthy! Bookmarking this!


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