Sunday, February 22, 2009

Methi Stuffed Paratha

Many times we make a simple stir fry with various types of green leafy vegetables like spinach, chard or wild greens. This particular day I made with methi. I love these stir fries made with onions and the greens. They go very well with rotis made from Jowar, Bajara, rice etc. Traditionally this combo is a farmer's diet.

Using this as the stuffing I made these Methi stuffed parathas. Here is a basic recipe for stir fried greens.

Now to roll out the paratha you need chapati dough. Make a basket with the dough fill it with a ping pong sized ball of the stir fry bhaaji. Pull together the dough to form a ball. Shape it a bit to ensure the filling does not come out. Flatten it between the palms. Dust the counter or chakala with some flour. Roll out the paratha with a light swift hand. Keep it a little thick about 1/4 inch. Roast on a non stick girdle. Keep it fat free if eating hot. If carrying for lunch in a box or storing for longer time coat with oil or ghee and fold it before putting into a container.

Tip: To keep parathas soft line the container with a cloth or napkin. This absorbs the excessive sweating while keeping them soft.

Have these parathas with your favorite pickle and a glass of butter milk!

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