Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sold to the basest emotions

Yesterday I watched Slumdog Millionaire. It is a story that happens in Cuffe parade slums, in the slums of Sundar Nagari, Colaba, in the movie it is unfolding in Dharavi. It is so real.

In the movie Jamal wins the game show and gets media recognition. In Sundar Nagari it could be the part life story of a ruling smuggler, In Cuffe parade it could be a Bhai.

Jamal is lucky to steer clear of evil most times and that is the amazing part. In real life their end is that of a dog at the hands of the police or another bhai.

I loved the movie. In Mumbai the the poshest areas are in close proximity to slums. The lives as disparate.

The story of victory of Jamal in grimy settings touches the basest emotions in man. Though I am happy it has won awards, I would love to see an Indian film win the accolades that would portray India in all its positivity and richness and made by an Indian, without lobbying.

The real deserving award is for A.R. Rahman and his genius.

Watch it if you haven't yet... It is called Slumdog Millionaire.


  1. yesterday NPR interviewed dev patel who played jamal. he's 18 and so smart and articulate.

  2. Good to know that looks like we have a race horse in him :). He is adorable.

  3. I agree, Anjali. Lives of those slum kids are deplorable and scary for someone like me who has never seen a real slum before except on TV. So sad girl.
    Dev Patel is good, but somehow I feel that his fame wouldn't last long after this slumdog craze is over. I like Freida Pinto better, she is pretty and talented! :)


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