Sunday, March 15, 2009

Creamy Corn and Herbs

Finally after all went well with the SnS wedding Dad is now back with me in Blr. He has been in Mumbai for two months, helping Somu with the wedding preps. I would have loved to be in Mumbai too but work kept me in Blr and two months is just not possible. I did whatever little I could here and then when I went down to Mumbai a few days before the wedding did a bit of running around.

We as a family are happy that as planned the wedding was a simple ceremony with all the sanskars right from morning to evening attended by just the closest family and friends, about 50 people. That was a feat in itself for a family that has its entire clan in Mumbai and Alibag. The pooja is still pending and will be held in Thal.

So for all the hard work that Dad did I decided to make a special day for him today. I know he hates to come to blr but he has to for my sake. So there was a special thali for him.

Clockwise: Ghadichi Poli, Shrikhanda, pickle, Methichi bhaaji, Bharli mirchi and Varan bhat.

Then for the evening it was Creamy Corn and Herbs served on Snacky Chili flakes and sandwiched in a bun.

Guess what's common in both the plates?

Didn't figure it out. Dumbo! It is the Chakka!!

Now on I will always keep some chakka aside for this savory treat.

I hung curd early in the morning to make the Chakka (thick hung curd). Chakka is mixed with sugar to make Shrikhand but I thought of making something savory using some chakka. So I kept aside 1/2 cup of it for later use. Rest of the chakka was used to make Kesari Shrikhand that I served for lunch.

I know you are drooling so here is the recipe for you.


1/2 cup thick hung curds
1/2 cup chopped fine herbs (cilantro + basil)
salt to taste
1 green chili chopped fine
1 cup sweet corn kernels boiled
1 teaspoon lime juice

In a medium bowl mix together hung curds, herbs, green chili and salt. Keep aside for min 2 hrs for the herbs to flavor the curd.

After 2 hrs or just before putting together the starters or sandwiches. Add the lime juice and corn kernels and mix well.

Spoon the Creamy Corn and Herbs onto the Snacky chili flakes like I did OR toast a bun on a grill with little butter on the inner side. Fill it up with the very yummy and fresh Creamy Corn and Herbs.

This is a much lighter dip than mayo or cream cheese so qualifies for my Slim N Trim tag.

I love the creamyness of the curd, the light and fresh flavors of the herbs, the bite of the chili and the sweetness of corn all in one. It is a dip/ spread/filling for versatile use. The colors are soothing and children will love it.

Sending this off to Srivalli @ Cooking for all seasons. This time the monthly mingle is about lunches for kids and was started by Meeta of What's for Lunch Honey


  1. Hi,

    Morning dear,

    Your dad is one of the luckiest person to have such a good daughter. May God bless you abundantly.

    Love 2 u as usual.

  2. Hi Anjali,
    I am Sonali. I read all your recipes, I just loved them. Your recipes r yum!
    I have become your fan after reading your blogs.

    Keep writting.
    Sonali Kelkar

  3. tell me who you are?

    Sonali Thank you so much!

  4. Thats really a super delicious thali you had for your dad...thanks for sending me the sure my daughter would love it!


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