Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Small things make me happy :)

You go to meet someone. No one is there and you get a chance to take a close look around. Doll's picture, some knick knacks and two take away boxes. They look familiar. You remember you had packed Diwali sweets in them. They should have been discarded by the person who has a thing for order and cleanliness. Those boxes are definitely not collectibles.

It made my day!

What are they still doing there? Where a person spends most time.

What do you think? Tell me.


  1. Hey! Why were taking a sneak peek at their collection? ;D

    That's nice of them to keep the pretty box you gave them,nice way to say thanks to you. I do keep if something is made of wood or artistic like pretty chocolate boxes or cookie boxes! :)

  2. Voyeurism Asha ;D! They are not pretty at all just plain plastic boxes that is why I had a big smile on my face all day long! and had the urge to post it badly:D.


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