Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chimi's First Vaccine Shots


We went to the Vet on 7th May 09 to get Chimi her first vaccine shots.
  • Nobivac Rabies
The injections were painful and she cried out and turned defensive, baring her teeth on the helper.

The Vet gave 3 tablets for deworming. The dose prescribed was 1/2 tablet crumbled in milk twice a day.

Also two syrups
  • Elcoplex: 1/2 teaspoon with milk twice a day.
  • Calciwel-12: 1/2 teaspoon with milk twice a day.
We have to visit again at the end of this month for Booster vaccines.

She is eating well but has become fussy about walking. She cries out if I try to hold her. I have to get the skin treatment done too but will wait till she is better.

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  1. the poor little thing looks so weak in this snap... :-(


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