Sunday, May 17, 2009

Instant Rava Appe

I made this today for breakfast and Dad loved it so am making more for our friends Shailesh, Manisha and their 2 kids, Turya and Tanmayi. They are joining us for lunch today as Shailesh is transfered to Chandigarh and the family is soon to move. We have spent some good times together and Dad especially is so fond of them. Wishing them All the best for the future!


1/2 cup fine rava
1/2 cup milk
3 elaichi bananas
3/4 cup jaggery powder
2-3 cardamoms pods, peeled and seeds separated
1/2 teaspoon salt
ghee to fry

Mix all ingredients together with hand. The batter should be like that of cake, it should fall in folds.

In an appam pan fill the slots half way with ghee. Add one spoon full batter into each slot and fry till golden on slow heat. The slow heat ensures cooking till the core. Turn over to cook the other side. Remove with a fork and collect in a box. Similarly fry all appams till batter is used up.

Let the appams cool completely before serving. The spongy appams are to die for without all the preparations and sweat spent on traditional God appe.

With the same batter you can even make pancakes in Marathi they are called Dhirda.


  1. Hi Anjali,

    Where r u, missing your posts and write up. Is everything O.K., reply if possible.

    With love,

  2. Hi Cynthia! there is lots happening in real life so this virtual space is a bit on the back burner. Had to keep away from the net for some time as I was unwell last whole month. The love of readers like you pulls me back here. You will see a post this weekend.


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