Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mishti Doi

Every year after school sports at Brabourne Stadium having Mishti Doi set in a glass at K. Rustom's was something we would look forward to. Last year it was the first time I tasted it set in a terracotta tiny bowl where else but in Bangla land. The flavor of terracota adds the earthy essence.

Mishti Doi cups vanish in a moment. It is lapped up as quick as possible not savoured slowly.

The recipe is such a breezer and yet satisfies your need for a delicious desert. Plus you can make it before hand and chill. These terracotta cups came with me from the North East Tour with a target to make Mishti Doi at home. It has taken me more than a year to put them to use.

Mishti Doi for Dad who has put up with my last minute meals while I was busy with work.


2 cups milk
4 teaspoons sugar
2 teaspoon curd
1 cardamom powdered

Heat the milk with sugar. Reduce to 1.5 cup milk. Let it cool a bit but is still warm. Seed the milk with curd. Mix well. Pour into cups you would like to set it in. Choose the cups you want to serve it in as there is no transfering involved.

Before serving give the cups a sprinkle of cardamom powder to add the special touch. On a regular day I don't use cardamom and it tastes delicious even without it.

If you like the taste of "Adhmoora dahi" which means just set curd in Marathi, then you will love this. It finds place in Slim N Trim as no desert can get lighter than this.

Stare at it enough wondering how to begin. Then scoop it up with a tiny spoon to enjoy thoroughly. You will be dead if I see you mixing it with a spoon. One needs to be elegant while enjoying Mishti Doi!


  1. K Rustom was a regular summer treat for us. Their sandwich ice-creams are absolutely unparalleled. I'd grab one and walk down the Marine Drive promenade right now!

  2. Saee that's straight from the heart:)! Especially during the rainy season with the lashing waves coming right on you.


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