Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cheese Pakoda

Last Sunday was a pretty lazy one. I made Khara Pongal for lunch with other peripherals but still it was a meal assembled in a rush. So in the evening pulled out the cheese and cut out nice thick slices. Dipped them in Besan batter and dunked into smoky oil. The result purfffectly delectable Cheese Pakoda! Gooey, crispy, crunchy all at the same time.

For those who need a recipe for the cheese pakodas can follow everything mentioned on Banana Fritters post except that you are using slices of cheese instead of Raw banana here. This time I did not use cilantro in the batter.

The Cheese Pakoda did me a lot of good after a cranky Friday that I had. We washed it down with a hot cuppa.

No Chimi you cannot have it. Fried food is not good for your coat.

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