Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fresh Peanut Rice

I am going ga ga over the heaps of fresh peanuts that I am seeing everywhere in the market. I am the type of a person who hates to talk to the vendors. I like the superstores where I can go and pick up my stuff, pay and walk out. I hate the haggling with grocers, green or brown.

The peanut heaps on this cart which I eyed as I stepped down from the bus broke that myth about me. I went up to woman and asked her how much. As it always happens. She waived her hands in the air signalling 10 Rs per sher while she mouthed "hathu" in Kannada. Give me two and top it up a little I told her.

With my transparent plastic bag of peanuts I walked home happy as a kid. I knew what I wanted to make. This peanut rice and Shengdana Batata Bhaaji ofcourse!

I have followed a simple ghee rice recipe for it to retain the unadulterated flavors of fresh shelled peanuts.


1 cup any fragrant rice
1 cup shelled fresh peanuts
7-8 cloves
2 big cardamoms
2 small cardamoms
2 sticks cinnamon
3-4 crushed green chilies
1 tablespoon ghee
salt to taste

Wash and drain the rice. Use a fragrant rice for this recipe. The flavors are simple and fragrant rice enhances the taste. I use Basmati or Ambe Mohor for it.

Let me tell you a secret. Right now I am using broken Basmati for everyday use that I bought from Mumbai for a deal. I got 10kgs of it! Thanks Charu for showing me this trick.

Heat the ghee in the pressure cooker. Make the tadka with cloves, big cardamoms, small cardamoms, cinnamon and finally crushed green chilies. One following the other. Don't forget the salt, I am telling you as I always do.

Now is the time to add the washed and drained rice. Add the peanuts and stir once to mix. Top up with twice the amount of water. Close the lid of the pressure cooker and allow 2 whistles. Put off the heat, cool and then open after steam subsides. Lightly mix the rice so it is fluffed up. Remove to a serving plate.

If you wish you can add some sprinkles. I wanted to keep it simple.

I paired up the Fresh peanut rice with Lal Dal. It was a perfect antidote for a hassled week day.


  1. hi anjali
    u didnt tell, when to add the peanuts,

  2. Oops! After the rice Patti. I've updated now. How could I forget the main ingredient! Thanks for pointing it out:)


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