Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lets Go Home & Other Long Stories

No No don't sue me for copyright infringement! I have taken care to call this post 'Lets go home and other LONG~~ STORIES' :) (Have you heard of Lets go home and other stories? It is a good read for school going kids)

I have been away for a while from this blog with no mood to blog. There was nothing interesting happening in my life that I could blog about. Then may be this post is for those of you my loved readers who want to know what I was upto all these days and for some nosy ones who think I am a tight mouth in real life and they don't succeed in getting stuff out of me. They come here to read about the juicy bits in my life! I wonder how people find my life so juicy... it is a boring life if you ask me...or may be I glamorize it a bit over here.

Anyways... There I am toggling between topics. You don't come here to read focused stuff do you? I am like this only.

While the rest of the bloggers were busy participating in the Heirloom Click , some bringing back memories through age old recipes, some others joining The Annual Mad tea party. I had my hands full with life, routine things most times. Except two weeks ago...

We got Chimi spayed. Nupur had made me think deeper. I was convinced about the benefits though I had my concerns about Chimi's health after spaying. I was torn by my own thoughts. I wanted to see her having babies badly so. Yet I did what I had to. Got her spayed.

She was low for a day due to the anaesthesia but recovered fast n quick. I was with her till they shaved her and prepared her for surgery. Then waited out till every thing was done. Dr. Yathiraj, Dean of Hebbal Vetenary Hospital and his able nephew Dr. Govindraj did the surgery. I was happy she got the best doctors for this. They showed us her organs after the surgery it made me feel guilty. Its almost couple of months now "The Lakeside Vetenary Clinic" has been a fun place to meet up with friends for Chimi and us too. To watch every dog that walked in and see that each one of them had individual charachter. My Chimi gal is an absolute lady. No rowdiness and no much going bonkers over all the boyfriends hanging their tongue out ;)

I think she looked sexy in the multi-tie bandage as she sashayed around the house like a model in a sarong on the beach with a bit of a swagger from the anaesthesia. Atleast for a day she got full attention from Dad. He wanted her to recover fast :)

The next day on, Chimi was her usual self. We were visited by a tiger moth. Chimi was fascinated by it and its fluttering scared her a bit.

Coming back to the topic of Heirlooms rather non heirlooms. On the suggestion of a friend I bought a roti maker, what a big mistake! it makes the worst rotis I have ever tasted. Atleast you, my readers don't make that mistake.

I now try to make parathas with it which are decent is all I can say. In the picture you see an attempt at Naans.

On the note of memories. I have memories and a recipe to share about Mughal samosas. Go figure out if you don't know what they are. Else drool at the pictures and come back later to read about them. You don't see the dark spots do you? Ignore them if you do.

I'm not promising to come back soon or may be I will, don't know but I am singing "Lets go home" right now.

Take care all you people till then.


  1. I missed you Anjali. Hope all is well !! Sometimes routine life does get boring but then sometimes I am grateful to have a routine than nothing :)

  2. I'm so happy to see that you've finally written something--been wondering what happened. Wanted to write to you but couldn't find your e-mail. :(

  3. Hi Anjali, please dont say you might not come back ...it hurts..
    Chimi is strong gal afer seeing her playing with moth it seems she is fit now. Dont be guilty wat u have done is good for her as well. U have saved her from "those" days. anyways thanks for writing about Roti maker from last few days i was thinking of buying one..good i wont buy now.

    Love you...come back soon.



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