Thursday, January 07, 2010

VFM Thali At Adiga's

Anticlockwise: Ash gourd sambhar, Rasam, Bhendi stir fry with coconut, Peas n potato kurma, 3 Puris, Curd rice, pickle, coconut chutney, a big bowl of steamed rice and Papad.

Venue: Adiga's at Ground floor, Total Mall, Madivala, Blr.
Price: Rs. 35

I had become picky after the fever and cough n cold. One time I had sugar doughnut and coffee for lunch. On 2 consecutive days I went to the cafeteria saw the display and came back without eating. That's when I enjoyed this meal. Dhano Rani was not around to give me company for the lunches of fruit salad and juice. So went down to Adiga's for a late lunch. Brooded over this VFM thali followed by a dose of filter coffee as I could not afford a siesta on a work day. Got back to my world of a keyboard jockey.

Not much of ambience but can say it is a clean Udipi hotel.


  1. Slurp!! Looks soo soo yum.

    We recently drove 400miles to visit the Zoo and Aquarium and found a Saravana Bhavana in the city. We were so thrilled (not the kids, they prefer non-veg) and ate Adyar style Dose platter. It felt like we were in B'lore (or Chennai!) for a while.Wish I lived in that city!

  2. Asha, You have a Saravana Bhavan in the US! 400 miles by road is closer than 5000 miles by air right! Feel lucky lady and at sometimes you will experience the joy:)


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