Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sankrant Thali From The Neighbors

A Thali brought over by my Neighbor aunty consisted of Ellu Bella, Avarekai Usli, Lemon rice, Sweet Pongal along with sugar cane and bananas. Even this Thali failed to cheer me up. In the afternoon she sent a platter of onions bhajjis too.

My Sankrant was not too good to put it mildly. So you saw no wishes here. I got some bad news. One very personal and the other about my only Aaji alive now. She must be about 80 plus. You all know by her kitchen, got a paralytic stroke. [Koli Kitchen (Thal Part I)] She is under treatment. I am not able to visit her immediately but she is surrounded by all her loved ones. Though she had no kids of her own she has invested enough love in all her nephews and grandchildren enough to take good care of her. Am praying she gains consciousness soon.

I did not make anything for this Sankrant. This thali fed us at 2 meal times. I wanted to just keep to myself but yet just went about attending to visitors with pain in my heart trying not to show it on my face.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that your Aaji is sick.I hope and pray that she gets well and graces your life as always.

  2. Hi Anjali
    i am so sorry to hear about our mom.
    Unfortunately I lost my mom 7 years ago myself and always feel if she was here in the US with me, she would have been here,today due to better medical facilties, preventive care and emergency services. So I feel your pain.
    I love your blog, it reminds me of growing up in Bombay more than 20 years ago. Visiting uncles in the navy in Karjat,and Colaba.

    Love yoru recipes too, having lived in the US for more than 15 years you forgot so much stuff of what you are essentially.
    So these days instead of making pasta and spaghetti I lean towards the quintessential baath, daal, puva, dosa and puttu and appams LOL
    Take care

  3. Rina u meant grand mom right. Thanks for your love n support.


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