Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Summer Is Here

Ideas for light cooking and refreshing food.

 Roasted vegetable and broken wheat salad
(Roasted onion, tomato, broccoli, lettuce in 2 teaspoons olive oil. Pressure cooked broken wheat. Mixed it with the roasted vegetables. Added some grapes for fresh sweet. Balanced the salt.)

Bhel, Black eyed bean vadas and Fruit Salad

All and sundry celebrated Women's day. Today a colleague asked us ladies what was our reaction to the Women's reservation bill. To which all 3 of us felt it was irrelevant in today's age. This should have been passed 10 yrs ago.

This was a conversation between "Hum Tum" on the occasion of Women's day

Tum: "All Women attention seekers." etc. etc. go the complaints
Hum: "Say what you like. I only love you more for all your stupidity."
The Narrator: When you realize the value of a women's love, she would have gone and you would be an old  haggard and  full of regrets.

As for me I don't need a women's day. I celebrate womanhood everyday.

Well summer is here and the beauty is in the heat and that of winter it's cold, then we should not ask for it to be the other way round. Enjoy the Sunshine ladies!

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  1. hey my first time here, luv ur recipes. they are so different, authentic and refreshing! keep blogging. cheers! http://recipegrabbag.blogspot.com/


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