Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Weekends should be of this...

The dinner was superb! Thanks Sayantani for sharing the recipes. 

Then followed a dessert of home made black forest cake.  

 The green paste there is Gongura pickle I bought at Big Bazaar. Was thrilled to find it. Mixed it with hot steamed rice and made a Mudha /ball ! I was amazed at that itself. How I have changed from hating the rolling of rice into balls and now doing it myself :P
(In the plate you see  Madras Cucumber Sambhar, steamed rice, Dosa, leftover Karaishutir Kochuri and star fruit slices)


That was last weekend.


  1. Can you please move to the US? :)) It all looks super delish...Home made black forest kasa kela?

  2. Sonia is that an invitation ;). Hehe this post is evading recipe writing and you ask just that!

  3. Of course!! Anytime you visit Chicago, you will have a home to stay :)

  4. I love aloo dum .. looks superb

  5. My fav during Winters in India were the Karaishuti'r Kochuri! I could eat them on their own. :-)

    Yours look so plump and happy.


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